3.8 5 0 388 388 The bold, robust Pepsi you love now with a splash of fruit juice for a refreshing, flavor filled cola.
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It wasn't something I should drink again!
I tried this and was really surprised to see that I truly didn't like it.
Amazing taste and fresh up your mind
The taste is amazing and it fresh up your mind and the price is effective
Berry Pepsi
This taste more like medicine that a soft drink. Flavor is not that great.
Good flavor
Has a good flavor but I prefer cherry Pepsi to it.
nice drink
My favorite drink I drink it more than any other drink i'll bet you
Good but not great
This was almost a fake berry and a bit rich in flavor like they were trying too hard to be like Dr Pepper but still good
Love the different taste abd the size is a great can that fits in my cup holders. Refreshing too.
Pepsi is very useful for our body
This product name Pepsi This is very relaxable for our body and very much person's and childrens drink and enjoying
Perfect amount of flavor
I was so excited to try there new flavors. They are in a nice long tin can and it is so refreshing. The only reason i will give this 4 is because of the lack of carbonation. It gave it a stale pop flavor.
My favorite drink I drink it more than any other drink
Was at a friend birthday party and tried it it was very good in tasted and flavor. It was the good to drink .I like ice cold or on ice .yes I would tell my friend about it
It has a new unique flavor that feels very refreshing to drink.
Does Pepsi meet it's match?
Good evening 🌞 I have just recently tried the new Berry Pepsi. I'm not one to usually deviate from straight up Pepsi (HUGE FAN). However being a lover of All things Berry, I figured hey two of my favorite products in one! Well... For some you may love it, I found it too sweet and the Berry flavor outweighed the taste of the Pepsi. . Just cause I don't particularly care for the taste I have a strong feeling alot of people are going to enjoy the change.
Pepsi Berry
I tried this berry Pepsi n I thought it was different but good. I think it taste like the cherry Pepsi I didn't taste much of a difference.
Nice flavor mix
This Pepsi Berry is something I'd drink every once in a while not a main drink. It tastes pretty good, it's a good flavor mix.

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