PureMoist Opti-Free Contact Solution

4.9 5 0 165 165 Give your eyes the all-day comfort that they need with the Pure Moist Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution from Opti-Free. This formula is made specifically for soft contact lenses for optimal contact lens care. Use daily on either silicone hydrogel or soft contact lenses to clean, rinse, disinfect and store. Each package comes with a free lens case so you can always keep your contacts fresh and clean. Experience advanced cleaning and disinfection with all-day comfort, from morning ’til night.
PureMoist Opti-Free Contact Solution


Love it
Ive used this product since I was 10 would never change to another brand. All day comfort.
Won’t ever go back
This product is amazing and happens to be the only solution we use. Not to mention they have really good travel sizes for when we head out to Maui my husband and I can carry it in one bag and pop it out as needed! They often have deals of 2/3 packs as well! Definitely gives that cleanse and pure effect. There’s no way we’ll try another this is it for us! Leaves the eyes feeling fresh as if nothing is there!
Great lense solution
I've been using this brand for almost 5 years. I've switched 3 more brands but eventually I came back to this one. I generally suffer from dry eyes... With this one my lense and eyes both stays hydrated for long enough.
I would not recommend optifree. It leaves a residue behind on any surface it touches including your fingers. It is sticky and attracts dirt. I would get a more expensive brand just to avoid this one
Go-to contact solution
My boyfriend has tried all sorts of different types of contact solution and this is hands down his absolute favorite brand! I noticed that the lens case that comes with it is also the one he chooses to use.
Best solution
This solution has been a favorite of mine for YEARS. Before switching to daily use contacts, this was the only solution I felt comfortable with using. I continue to keep a small bottle in case of any emergencies. Great product!
The best eye drops I have used while wearing my contacts. Helped with the irrigation and brought fast relief.
20 years of contacts & this is my fav
I've worn contacts for 20 years and this is by far my favorite multi purpose solution. Leaves contacts feeling nice and clean and smooth by morning and moisturized all day, which is super important when I wear them 15-16 hours a day
The only contact solution I use!
After trying several other solutions (free with my contacts), I found this one. This is the only solution that lasts all day and does not cause any irritation. Plus, its one of the cheaper options! Totally recommend
Best of all
This product is the best one! even they have a travel size that i love! It makes me feel very comfortable. I use it everyday
Actually Cleans My Contacts
I never leave home without this product. My eyes tend to get very dry and at times, I have to clean my lenses throughout the day. I love that this product actually gets them clean and clear, unlike others that leave residue and/or debris behind. Love!
No more red eyes
This contact solution eye drops really works great on my red dry eyes with contacts in
Cleans my contacts
Opti-free Pure Moist is one of my top 2 contact solutions that I use regularly. My contacts stay comfortable and in place throughout the day when I use Opti-free Pure Moist. This contact solution also clean my contacts with no problems. I am very satisfied with Opti-free Pure Moist.
I have dry eyes and contacts seem to make that process worse sometimes. This helps to keep some moisture in my contacts and extended the life of my contacts (and makes them comfortable to wear).
Best Choice
This is the best product on the market! This helps keep my eyes from drying out and cleans my contacts so well! It makes taking them in and out, so easy! I definitely recommend this product!

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