Rise by Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker

4 5 0 23 23 Show some love with heart-shaped waffles made with the Rise by Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker! The nonstick surface makes delicious, heart-shaped treats, including waffles, hash-browns and more in just minutes. Set up is simple: just plug the waffle maker in and you’re ready to cook! This cute, compact Mini Maker is easy to clean and store, great for families with kids, gifting, or making a sweet treat for a special someone.
Rise by Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker


Fun to Use & Kids Love Heart Shaped Waffles!
Such a fun appliance to make heart shaped waffles! What kid wouldn't love this? It's very easy to use and very small and easy to store as it doesn't require much storage space. Heats up pretty quickly and after use, cools down pretty quickly. Easy to clean and it's an ideal kitchen tool to allow kids to observe and learn.
Dash mini waffle makers
I LOVE my dash mini waffle makers! I currently have 3 different design mini makers and I use them all regularly. So fun to use and easy cleanup. My kids enjoy using them too. It’s great for mini sandwiches and easy breakfast ideas. Highly recommend Dash brand products.
Overall great
I think this little appliance looks so cute in my home. Sometimes wouldn’t cook waffle properly but overall I liked this
Heart mini waffle maker
I love this waffle maker I got it for my granddaughter to have waffles when she comes to my house. Little tricky to get correct amount but once you get it right they are just wonderful
So Much Fun Anytime!
I have enjoyed the ♡ Mini Waffle Maker by Dash. I received it over the weekend before Valentine's Day. A one year warranty, recipe guide included with twelve simple recipes you can whip up. A double your warranty when you register the product. Just plug it in. When the blue light turns off, your ready to go! I used an ice cream scoop to ladle the batter onto the 4" nonstick cooking surface, the perfect amount. It heats quickly and evenly for perfect results in three minutes. Easy to clean after the unit cools off. I used a wet paper towel and dried. A fun kitchen toy to create something with love anytime. Smiles
Great if you have kids. It is fun to make waffles in the shape of hearts.
Super cute waffles
I love this heart shaped waffle maker for special occasion- birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or just because! It shows more effort without really having to add more work. It took me a couple batches to adjust my cooking spray so they didn’t stick though, but now it’s great!
Great gift
I purchased this mini waffle maker as a gift for a college student and she absolutely was in love with it! It's tiny and perfectly easy to pack up and take with you wherever you go. Makes a yummy quick easy snack. Perfect for a single person or couple.
Rise by Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker
I brought this unique mini heart-shaped mini waffle maker for breakfast, desserts and more for my wife It has nonstick cooking surfaces and is easy to clean plus the waffles lift in one step. Heats up quickly and evenly for perfectly cooked mini waffles. No setup required, just plug it in and you're ready to go but my wife eats more than one waffle, so she has to use it several times which was annoying to her but good for my kids who need only one waffle
So cute and easy
This mini waffle maker is the cutest and so easy to use. My children love it when I make them heart shaped mini waffles. Very easy to clean as well.
Slow and Inefficient Waffle Maker
This small appliance is very compact, affordable, and makes shaped waffles. However, I can't recommend this waffle maker because it takes way to long to make an average batch of waffles. If this machine had at least two waffle slots, it would still be relatively compact, and significantly speed up the process of making multiple waffles. I ended up taking the device back to the store to exchange it for a larger waffle press, unless you don't plan on making more than 1 or 2 waffles at a time, I would suggest looking into other options.
This mini heart shaped waffle maker makes perfect little waffles! Browns and cooks nicely too. Definitely give this a try.
Waffle maker
We love waffle makers in our household. Love ones like this specially because of the size and it's perfect for traveling. Quick and easy
Very sleek and cute
I love to make waffles in this and also its very quick in heating and does its job perfectly
My children love it!
My children love it! Every Saturday morning I make them these they usually don't want to get up LOL! But they know Momma is making them these every Saturday! I myself love it! Kids help and enjoy it! I recommend this very much!

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