4 5 0 82 82 Obtén un aspecto de cobertura total que dura hasta 16 horas con la Base en Polvo Super Stay®.
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Awesome cover
This blends in very nice with your complexion and covers your blemishes. I recommend this
I love this product. It matches my skin tone perfectly. Most make up turns out really orange on my skin, but this one is a amazing. It's very light weight and flawless.
I really like the fact that is very light weight, and the lasting is decent, but it's not full coverage, I have oily skin and it tends to oxidate on me and gives the cakie look because of the layers that I have to aplly t cover my blemishes, but I think it would work great on a normal skin type that doesn't have many dark spots, overall it's a good product
Not full coverage
I did not like this product. Though it was super lightweight and stayed in place pretty much all day, I don't find it to be full coverage.
It's OK, but not ideal didn't really give me very much coverage.
Great Product
Great Product. Smooth on face and its stay on longer
I’ll start off by saying I was super excited to receive this because powder foundation is my go-to for makeup. It’s super lightweight when applying and feels smooth and nice. However, I didn’t find it to be full coverage at all. I had to apply many layers to get a decent coverage and it didn’t cover blemishes. Also, I have pretty dry skin but typically if I moisturize before using powder foundation it still looks good. When I used this product and fully moisturized, I looked at myself in the mirror 30 minutes later and I could just see my dry peeling skin and had to take it off. It’s not to say it’s a bad product because I do like the lightweight feel to it and it seems pretty long lasting, but it is drying and not full coverage. Overall, it’s just okay.
Almost perfect
The color matched my skin perfect. This is very light on the sking but tends to cake up a little and I don't have oily skin.
Great setting powder
This is a great under eye setting powder or if you have a dewy foundation and want to set it, this works great too
This foundation is really great.. no clumping no lines. Jus great....
It's good
This powder is good, but doesn't cover dark spots or rosesha very well and I have both. To me this is a good finishing powder.
Full Coverage Powder
I have used this product a few times, I use alot of Maybelline products. I like it, it covers well but its not real good on covering blemishes or scars. Maybelline is a well known product I do trust.
Not so good
I tried this the last week and the coverage is good and it lasts a long time but it makes your wrinkles realaly stand out. I will stick with my maybelline Age Rewind, it makes your skin look alot smoother.
Invisiable coverage
Soft light weight with all the coverage you need ,without feeling like it's caked on
Works well but bad smell
This powder worked well to set my makeup. Smooth and flawless finish. However I had to switch different brands due to the icky smell of it! Kinda smelled like a mixture of feet and sweat. Even hours later that’s all I could smell.

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