Concentrado de camarones y cangrejo hervido (Paquete de 2) de Zatarain's

5 5 0 42 42 El concentrado de camarones y cangrejo hervido (Paquete de 2) de Zatarain's lleva el auténtico sabor de Nueva Orleans a tu cocina. Con una mezcla de aceites esenciales de pimienta de cayena, laurel, clavo, tomillo y mejorana, este hervido líquido concentrado dará un sabor picante a los mariscos o a tus patatas o verduras favoritas, para dar un toque de sabor audaz. ¡Sólo tienes que añadir una tapa llena de este condimento concentrado al agua hirviendo y en poco tiempo podrás disfrutar del sabor y el alma de la ciudad de Nueva Orleans más conocida como “The Big Easy”!
Concentrado de camarones y cangrejo hervido (Paquete de 2) de Zatarain's


Seafood boil
The best one you can buy! Very good flavor and not too hot.
Essential for seafood boils!
This is THE most flavorful and must have for seafood boils. It provides great burst of flavor and season. Definitely not overwhelming and is a missed flavor when you don't or have not used it before!
Great addition to crab boil!
I always purchase this whenever I’m doing a crab boil it gives that extra spice and flavor to it. I don’t use a whole bottle in one setting that’s justly preference but this stuff is great!!
It's great taste
I love it and would buy again well I am going to buy more on the 17th
The best
Thisnis my go to when I wanna have a seafood makes the flavor perfect..not too salty and not bland at all
I really liked this seasonings not too salty it's just right it made my crabs taste very good. I also used some to boil some shrimps .
Low country boil
I love low country boils and this is my go to for flavor. It never disappoints. Great added to shrimp give the right amount of spice.
Love it
This is the perfect addition to any boil!We use it along with the zatarans seasoning its the perfect blend and its makes it extra spicy like we love our boils!
tasty foods!
This Zatarans Shrimp boil liquid works so amazing. it doesnt take much to use gicing your food a great taste and aroma. Love it
Spice up your Taste Buds
This product is so delicious. Perfect for shrimp or scallops. The spice is perfectly balanced.
Best stuff ever.
Love this stuff. Spicy just like I wanted. We did crawfish. It was so good.
My favorite
I wouldn't use any other at our Boils. Good with Shrimp, crabs, crayfish and corn on the cob..
Loved It
I was skeptical about purchasing this items but it seasoned my crab boil exactly right!
Zatarains concentrated shrimp & crab boil
Used it 2 weeks ago on a bushel of crabs. Yum. And the liquid makes it so convenient
Shrimp and Crab Broil Bombs
This product is popular and been used fur over a decade. I use it in all my broils and my mother used it also. I would definitely give it five plus stars. It is always in cabinet

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