Febreze Refrescante para telas que elimina olores Extra fuerte Original

4.8 5 0 80 80 ¿Tienes telas funked-up? Sugerencia: probablemente lo haga porque a los olores cotidianos les encanta empapar las telas de su hogar. Elimine esos olores molestos con un rociado rápido de Febreze Fabric Refresher. Es tu spray para telas para refrescar todas las telas difíciles de lavar de tu casa, como los sofás, el edredón de la abuela y cualquier cojin adorable (y mucho más). Simplemente rocíe hasta que la tela esté húmeda, déjela secar y disfrute de una vida libre de olores.
Febreze Refrescante para telas que elimina olores Extra fuerte Original


great smell
great smell. leaves a room smelling good.
House smells fresh
We have a 77lb Black Lab that believes she is a human and loves to sit on our furniture. We spray the febrile on and the puppy smell is gone. The wife even sprays on the be# cause Molly, our Lab, loves to sleep with us.
Great to freshen up your whole house
I love the clean scent when freshening up my house. I spray it on practically everything. Great for the car also.
Smells fabulous
My febreeze really gets rid of nasty odors especially in my couch love seat and garbage cans. I use it also to clean my bedroom and bed as well. Has a clean fresh scent and a little lasts!
Febreze is a great product. I use to clean up odors on everything.
Love this fabric refresher. The other cheaper ones just don't compare. Only febreeze can get the freshness.
Smells great and does the job!
I love spraying febreze on clean sheets, blankets, furniture, and anything else that needs a fresh, clean scent. It really does work to eliminate odors!
I love febreze
I am a huge fan of this product febreze has always been my go-to since it came out but this extra strength one is great when you have little kids in dirty bums I spray a little bit into the diaper pail and it works wonders it also takes care of those strong orders like onions and garlic at least a nice crisp smell
Too strong
I did not enjoy the overwhelming scent of this febreeze. It was too strong and took my breathe away
Smells amazing
I did not get this as a tester, this my own thoughts and opinions. My entire house is carpet, and though we steam clean often we still tend to have food smell through out the house, this right here is my go to , it helps to eliminate some of that food smell. I'd recommend it to everyone and anyone. I love it.
Not doing much for items
I have tried this product numerous times and have yet to see it work on anything. It DOES NOT have a scent, so I am unsure what others are smelling. I have used it on my couch, blankets, comforter, mattress and curtains with no difference to any of their scent. Once it dries the item in question ends up smelling like water with a plastic scent. As far as eliminating odors, after using it my curtains still smell like cooking smells.
Great product
I am a long time user Of Fabreeze products. I recently noticed lately I have become very sensitive to smells so when I seen this product I was happy to try it. The smell is very light and fresh. Not overpowering or whelming. Great for refreshing the couch and pillows.
Great scent
I love all things Febreze but honestly having the option to spray fabrics is awesome. Now it is not just the air that smells great but upholstery too. I would recommend for everyone to give this a try.
Get rid of bad odors quick!
I have a 2 year old lab and 2 hard working men that lay on couches and walk on my rugs after a long day of work. This Fabreeze spray knocks out odors immediately. Just a little once over spray on my furniture, rugs and curtains and you would never know I have smelly boys in the house! The scent is light but powerful. The bottle is easy to use and sprays evenly. It dries quickly and the smell lasts a long time. 10/10!
Clean scent
Very clean scent that last long time. I love that I can spray it on everything and the whole house smells nice and clean. Totally recommend this product to anyone looking for a nice clean smell

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