Febreze Refrescante para telas que elimina olores Extra fuerte Original

4.8 5 0 217 217 ¿Tienes telas funked-up? Sugerencia: probablemente lo haga porque a los olores cotidianos les encanta empapar las telas de su hogar. Elimine esos olores molestos con un rociado rápido de Febreze Fabric Refresher. Es tu spray para telas para refrescar todas las telas difíciles de lavar de tu casa, como los sofás, el edredón de la abuela y cualquier cojin adorable (y mucho más). Simplemente rocíe hasta que la tela esté húmeda, déjela secar y disfrute de una vida libre de olores.
Febreze Refrescante para telas que elimina olores Extra fuerte Original


my favorite
The febreze free and natural is one of my favorites. It leaves a great clean linen smell and leaves the house so fresh.
This is one of the best odor eliminators I have ever used. It does a great job of eliminating odors and keeps the house smelling very clean and fresh which I love. I would recommended this for sure
Love this product
This product has a slight odor when you're initially spraying it but it dries down to nothing. It does eliminate odors and keeps your house smelling like it's supposed to- like nothing!
A "Got to have" product
I have four dogs.. that's probably all I need to say for the reason to be clear why I love this product so much! It keeps my furniture, curtains, blankets, and really anything I need smelling fresh and clean!
eliminates odors
I love using this febreze all around my home - I have a dog, but never want guests to be able to smell a dog! I use febreze on clothing, blankets, fabric couches, and pillows between washes, and I feel like it really helps!
I love febreeze
I have so many of this company’s products! This one is one of my favorites due to the lost lasting scent that isn’t overwhelming! It definitely tackles odors and eliminates them!
Love the Free
I love febreeze. I always worry about my pets or kids smelling them as they are closer to surfaces. The fact it's a free product puts me at peace to use daily without worry.
Fresh smell
Really nice clean scent not heavy or to perfume, you don't taste it when you spray it. The spray bottle works nice easy trigger not to much of a stream just a mist, that dries quickly. However this is not a substitution for cleaning or disinfecting. I feel like so many people think anti microbial equals clean. ( it's not ) also READ your labels most of us are using our cleaning products all wrong. For this to WORK properly to kill bacteria you must get fabric completely damp for 5 minutes! I think you can probably spray your smelly gym shoes, and bag, car interior, pillows that kind of thing without to much thought, but please do not spray in substitution for cleaning and think it's Bacteria free. Febreze works great to clear up homemade environmental smells, like what you made for dinner yesterday the garlic odor that seeped into your sofa, or cushions at the dinner table, the camper smell from being closed up for winter! So with a bonus of being Anti microbial spray away, the smells
Love It
I have tried this and absolutely love it. It is now my go to for my house, I use it in every room. Family and friends thing on my lazy days I have spent hours cleaning my house.
My dogs appreciate this so much!
I have always used and loved Febreeze products, but wanted to find something without perfumes that was gentler on my pups' noses (even though I know Febreeze is pet safe!). I love that this still eliminates odors without an overpowering scent!
Smells Fresh
I love this scent. Smells great and clean and the scent lasts a good amount of time
fresh scent
I like this product compared to some of the other scents from this same brand. It is a light fresh scent and not overpowering.
Smells great
I always love Febreze sprays, the smell lasts a long time and they're always a great price. I usually use them right after cleaning up. You really smell it best when you leave and come back
My entire family love all of Febreze's products. However, this takes the cake. I have a sister that is highly sensitive to odor (since her diagnosis of breast cancer), but this product she can use. I even used this in my car (spray in my trunk)
Ultimate Foot Funk Fighter
My husband almost always wears his leather boots because we own a goat farm and he takes care of all the outside work. His leather boots are generally needed, especially when he is in the barns or pastures. The leather that his boots are made of makes his feet sweat horribly - so much so that his feet stink all the time. His boots smell like skunks crawled in them and died. The only saving grace is when I spray the inside of his boots with the odor eliminator. It actually takes the smell away until the next time he gets his boots all sweaty. I just spray the inside of his boots again and it all clears up. I love this stuff!!

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