HighKey Keto Snacks Galletas de obleas - Bajo en carbohidratos - Sin gluten - Postres de vainilla para diabéticos y paleo

4.5 5 0 61 61 Bocadillos sin gluten: disfruta de estas galletas sin gluten como un aperitivo saludable sin sensación como si fuera un alimento sin gluten. Estas galletas gourmet no solo son un postre sin gluten, sino que también se pueden apreciar como aperitivos para galletas sin granos. Aquellos que buscan grandes aperitivos de dieta, necesitan probar estas obleas de vainilla sin gluten. Muchos pensaron que las obleas sin gluten de gran sabor nunca podían ser perfeccionadas como aperitivos saludables para adultos, hasta ahora Comida saludable de aperitivo: estas galletas saludables son grandes aperitivos bajos en calorías y son casi libres de azúcar. Aunque este es un alimento amigable con keto, estas galletas de azúcar son grandes aperitivos de alta proteína, bocadillos diabéticos, aperitivos paleo y aperitivos bajos en azúcar. Una gran fuente de fibra de keto, estas galletas de proteínas son el postre keto que has estado esperando. Estas galletas paleo serán un complemento perfecto para alguien que busca mantener el equilibrio entre dieta y objetivos.
HighKey Keto Snacks Galletas de obleas - Bajo en carbohidratos - Sin gluten - Postres de vainilla para diabéticos y paleo


Disfruto comer estas ricas galletas son de buen sabor y saludables.
Not as good as non-gluten brands
I bought the ginger snaps soft cookies I was expecting them to taste as good as another brand of gluten free cookies. These tasted like they still needed to be cooked, fell apart, too moist and were very strong in ginger tasting. I couldn’t even eat the whole bag it was a waste of time. I am somewhat less likely to test another flavor because of this. In fact the after taste was unpleasant as well.
Best Keto Cookies!
These are the most tasty cookies, for being Leto this brand has stepped it up I’ve tried 3 flavors of these cookies and they are phenomenal! These are my go to cookies over any others and I don’t feel like I’m cheating on a diet when I have them! Taste great abs not real heavy on the stomach!
These are really good
These are really good I’ve tried several Products from this brand. They are very good nice and crisp. I love that they are low carb, but the taste of a real cookie!
Nice option for low sugar, low carb choice.
Easy to understand Ingredients, The Fat content was higher than I would like, but the Taste is Wonderful !!! Very Expensive for a small amount but if you need to watch your dietary needs this is a good option !!! Love they are Gluten Free, Grain Free, Low Carb. Low Sugar !!!
Keto Wavers Tasty
You would not know this is a low calorie snack, tastes so good.
Not a fan of after taste
These are really good initially but I do think they have an odd after taste. I suppose that is the sacrifice you have to make for low carb snacks! Other wise taste is not bad.
Great keto option.
These are really good I’ve tried several Products from this brand. They are very good nice and crisp. My only complaint would be that there’s not enough in the bag.
Highkey Excellent
These vanilla wafers taste so good, I can’t even tell that they’re Keto. I love that these wafers are low in carbs, making it the perfect snack option for me! I would certainly recommend this snack to all my friends and family.
I've tried many keto sweets that aren't great so was a bit skeptical, but was very pleasantly surprised when I tried Highkey's wafers. They're very tasty and it's great to know that I can stay keto while eating these. Highly recommend!
These are a light enough snack to feel full.
Keto Snacks
This is a great healthy snack for anyone who is either keto and or just living a healthier lifestyle. Not too sweet just the right amount to satisfy your sweet or salty cravings.
Great treat for anyone doing keto or low carb. Great flavor. Very satisfying. I grab about 4 or 5 and they full that sweet tooth.
Loved all highkey products that I tried on amazon
These are excellent alternatives when you look for healthier snacking - low on sugar but not low on taste at all. Their caramel clusters are simply amazing
Awful wafers
These wafers have to be one of the worst cookies I have eaten. They are tasteless and I am sorry I wasted my calories on eating them.

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