Patatas Fritas Chips Originales

4.8 5 0 1376 1376 Mejora los momentos de bocadillos con el sabor escandalosamente delicioso y la forma divertida de las papas fritas originales Pringles. La patata crujiente apilable original sazonada con un sabor salado satisfactorio de borde a borde. Siempre sabroso, nunca grasoso; Pareve kosher; Contiene ingredientes de trigo. Apila, refrigerio y saborea en casa y mientras viajas; Abre una lata para juegos deportivos, mirar televisión, tiempo de fiesta o en cualquier momento. Incluye 1 lata de 5.2 onzas de papas fritas listas para comer; Envasado para frescura y gran sabor. ¿Qué sigue después del estallido de una lata de Pringles Original? El sabor crujiente y tentador de la patata que siempre da en el clavo. Increíblemente ligero, crujiente y nunca grasoso, cada crujiente es satisfactoriamente salado. Con la conveniente lata, es fácil crear sus propios momentos de refrigerio en cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento. Traiga una lata para el tiempo de juego y algunas para otros fanáticos de Pringles. Guarde una lata en su escritorio de trabajo o despensa para comer en cualquier momento; Comparte Pringles en tu próxima reunión para aumentar la emoción entre familiares y amigos. Consigue las Patatas Fritas Originales de Pringles para una genialidad que.
Patatas Fritas Chips Originales


Never again
I didn't like the taste of these because they were to bland didn't have hardly any taste to them and very dry gave them away but really wanted to put them in the trash.
Love Pringles!
You can't go wrong with the OG flavor. Crisp, lightly salted. Excellent snack or to have with lunch. I buy Pringles regularly and recommend to anyone!
Love Love Love
These are my guilty pleasure, since I was 10 years old! They come in a million flavors now but I always go back to the red tube, good ol original! The light crispy saltiness is just heaven
Pringles Original
Crispy, salty, satisfying. First, I have to say, I love the packaging for these chips. You can buy them at the grocery, or take them with you for a snack and not have to worry about them getting crushed to bits before you can eat them. They also stay crispy in the container for longer without going stale. I think they taste great because they have just the right amount of crunch and are salted perfectly without having too much. This is one of my favorite snacks while traveling because they're easy to pack, don't get smashed and you can close the container after eating them without having to worry about having a bag clip. Smart!
Amazing for On-The-Go
Pringles are amazing to have on the go or just as a snack in general without the loud chip bag. Would always buy again
Very Yummy
10/10 chips. Love em every time, the original flavor is an absolute classic. The dill flavor is also really good. Great chips, great flavor and texture, and always a good choice!
Mmm Pringles
Nothing like a good Pringles snack. A bit too salty but the crunch is perfect. Off brand Pringles are never quite as crunchy - often a bit soggy. Still a proponent of slightly widening the can though!
My favorite snack
These are so yummy I can eat a whole can easily they are my favorite go to snack!
Me encanta su sabor
Me encanta su rico sabor y lo crocante ideal para acompañar con cualquier salsa
These Pringles are a classic go to chip. I begged for them as a kid and I still love them. They offer so many flavors but I think most people will love the original.
Love Pringle’s
I love Pringle’s, one of my favorite chip brands. I love the plain ones and most of their other flavors, you really can’t go wrong with. Did I say flavors? Yes, they have many!
Pringles! Love this chips. They Are yummy tasty. And always try to by them on the supermarket. They are different savor and you can choose your favorite. The original it's one of the best. They are very addictive.
These are amazing. My favorite Pringles are the original kind and they just hit the spot after a long day. Chef’s kiss!
One of the best chips and also one of the only chip brand that actually fills up the container/package lol. Have ate these for years and i will never get tired of them

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