4,8 5 0 62 62 Krush Carrot and Orange is a delicious tasting 100% fruit and vegetable juice, with no added sugar or sweeteners and best of all it has been enriched with Vitamins A,C & E for 100% Goodness.


The best of both worlds
I cannot stress how grateful I am for this flavour in particular. An acquired taste but very amazing to give the kids that doesn't like veggies. There are days I crave this like crazy. A must have in our grocery basket.
#gohealthy#stay fit
Love the blend of carrot and orange, sweet sensual taste along the tongue, the fact that the carrot does not overpower the taste yet all te nourishing is still there, i would definitely recommend the product
Taste like summer
Taste awesome and fresh!....perfect combination of flavors makes it a winner...the fact that's its so health is a bonus.
Health Drink
This juice is so delicious and healthy with all the vitamins it contains.
I don’t like orange juice because I tend to get heartburn from drinking it, however, this juice does not cause heartburn for some weird reason and with the addition of carrot to the juice does provide a bit of an extraordinary twist to the flavor of the juice, would definitely recommend.
I love this juice because it is not too sweet and it doesn't have after taste. I don't even get heartburn after drinking it.
What’s up doc?
Loved it! My family do not like overly sweet juice and the addition of the carrot to the orange juice makes it a better tasting choice. My youngest does not like orange juice, but she was loving this new flavour.
Clover crush
Great for drinking anytime with any meal, feels like freshly squeezed fruit juice
A delicious tasting 100% fruit and vegetable juice, with no added sugar or sweeteners and best of all it has been enriched with Vitamins A,C & E for Your Daily Goodness.
Delicious and Nutritious
Love the brand and how natural and healthy their fruit juices are. My 2 favourite juice flavours are carrot and orange, so the combination is super delicious for me. I enjoy the combination of vegetable juices and fruit juices. I’d love to see more flavour combinations like this one.
I like the smell of it, my kids live carrot and now finding it inside the juice it's amazing. I can easily share it with my friends and the lids it close tightly. You can keep it in the cupboard and once opened, you can keep it in the fridge.
Your 5 Fruits and Veggies
One of be best fruit and vegetable juice blends I have ever tried. To be honest, my brain was a bit confused, and could not reconcile the taste of the juice with carrots. I initially thought that the juice would be more carrot-y but the flavors blended quite well. I would definitely recommend that everyone give it a try.
Tastee krush juice
I enjoyed it very much a mix of carrots and fruits it's amazing and satisfying I liked it and it have nutrition that made my body strong
My baby enjoys this and love that it is a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks. It is great tasting and healthy for my growing princess. She now even recognize it in the shop shelves if that is not love I don't know what is.
The best of the best
Great combination, not sweet just perfect, would definitely recommend this juice

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