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Coca-Cola No Caffeine
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Hate it
Dislike it, not a fan at all. Honestly wish i could have returned it when i realised i had accidentally bought the wrong coke! I didn't inspect the labelling and just grabbed it at the shop. Got home, had a glass and instantly knew there was something totally wrong. Yeah, no, i dislike it. I love the original coke though!
Coca-Cola has been a favorite in our house for ever.
Not Bad
You are able to taste the difference between this product and the orignal coke brand, I'm not expecting it to taste the same at all and it is enjoyable. Rather great tasting sugar free drink!
Coca cola
The coca Cola no sugar has the same refreshing taste as the regular coke, however it has become overpriced.
Coca Cola - Caffeine Free and Sugar Free
I tried this product the other day, when buying refreshments for the staff at work, since everyone is always on a diet or they cant drink this or that. They were all very happy with it, surprised at first to see this new product and very keen to try it. They all enjoyed it very much. I now know exactly what to buy the staff at the office.
Who has not tried coke. Seems weird to see this very old product here. Everyone's favourite.
best drink ever made
This drink quenches your thirst, can be enjoyed luxuriously, and also helps when you have a running stomach. I was impressed when they reduced the sugar levels
Not bad
I still prefer the original coke! I definitely don't like the coke zero or coke no sugar. It has a horrible after taste and it doesn't quench the thirst like the original coke!
sugar free
I have tried the can first to make sure I would want to purchase more, I really do no see a major difference from the normal Coca-Cola to the sugar free, definitely buying more
An good excuse
We all try to be healthier but you still like a ice cold Coke every now and then. The new sugar caffeine free option gives me a valid excuse to have a ice cold Coke.
I love it
This product was okay.Tastes the same as the Coca-Cola with sugar.It also is not as strong as the caffeinated one.i am definitely happy with the product and i would recommend this.
I don't like it
I don't like the taste, it taste horrible I would not recommend it to anyone.
No Sugar - Great Taste
This product is a weekly (few times a week) buy for me, it still has a great taste and is also sugar and caffeine free, which is a bonus if you are health conscious and still want to enjoy a soft drink
I am ashamed to say it bu but I'm a fan, it kinda keeps me feel better drinking that actual coca
Tastes just like the good old coke but with no sugar. amazing!

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