Colgate Colours Medium Toothbrush - 5 Pack

4,7 5 0 105 105 Colgate Colours Family Pack offering provides deep cleansing with multi-height spiral bristles, fitting the natural contour of your teeth with a unique bristle pattern that cleans in between teeth & along the gum line. <br><br> Features and Benefits: <ul><li>Deep Cleaning with multiheight spiral bristles. <li>Tongue cleaner to freshen breath and help remove odour-causing germs. <li>4 vibrant colors - A color for each family member <li>X5 Family Pack</ul> <br><br> What’s in the box <li>1 x 5 Toothbrushes
Colgate Colours Medium Toothbrush - 5 Pack


Colgate colour toothpaste
I like the pack of colorful toothbrushes.Every family member is able to choose their favorite color.The brush has soft bristles.
good toothbrush equels exellent theeth
really good buying more because it exellent quility and cheap highly reccomend
Colgate Family Pack Toothbrush
This is very good when buying for the whole family because it's cheaper than single packs. I like the fact that the brush is soft and gum friendly. The brushes do not fray easily meaning that it remains very effective throughout the 6 weeks after which I normally change to a new one.
The best toothbrush suitable for my family we all enjoying using this product
Orange brush my colour
I love how gentle the bristles are on the teeth and gums especially cause I’ve got sensitive gums, the handles are strong and grasp friendly with the rubber. Even my 5 year old loves it.
Colgate Family Pack
Soft and gentle on the teeth and gums.I buy the pack for my family of 4 and always have the extra when purchasing another pack.And good colours to choose from for the whole family.
They are nice, portable and affordable. And this pack is handy. But my problem with them is that they get old fast
Great for the whole family
I love the smaller heads that the Colgate tooth brushes have,makes brushing easier for the whole family.
Love at first brush
I am a 3 week change a brush type of person, and when I first saw the 5 pack, I knew it was love. And the color range made me have a look. I was at first unsure about how soft or hard the brush is cause I have sensitive gums . To my surprise they were soft and so gentle . Love was most definitely in the brush.
Great for teeth
An essential, these are soft and get the job done, I love that its like an economy pack so everyone gets one in the family..colgate :-)
Is so good
Is great I always recommend Colgate medium brush it is easy to use and is so soft
My kids love the new colorful Colgate toothbrushes. Gentle on teeth and gums and cleans teeth great
I love these toothbrushes especially if you have sensitive teeth like me , I used to bleed when brushes my teeth but these ones are quite the best because they soft and enables me to not bleed
So soft and nice
Given another chance I’d definitely buy them ,they are so cute and nice I don’t regret buying them
Great for the whole family
I love these brushes, it’s value for money. Same pack for everyone regardless of the age. It’s not too hard on your teeth and great to wash the tongue as well highly recommend you can save some for visitors in case they forget their tooth brush

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