Colgate Optic White Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen 2.5ml

4,4 5 0 18 18 Transform your smile with the new Colgate Optic White Overnight Whitening Pen. Its patented formula reverses 15 years of stains* while you sleep, using an enamel-safe, hydrogen peroxide-based gel that works through a simple 4-step process. This compact and easy-to-use pen is formulated with advanced whitening ingredients that gently and effectively lift away stains, revealing a brighter and more radiant smile. By applying the gel directly to your teeth before bedtime, you can experience noticeable whitening results within just 3 days. <br><br> The convenient design allows for precise application, targeting specific areas that may need extra attention. This pen is a convenient and efficient way to achieve teeth that are visibly whiter and more confident-looking, all without interrupting your daily routine. <br><br> *stains caused by food and drinks with 3 weeks continued use <br><br> Features and Benefits:<br> - Reverses 15 years of stains<br> - Effectively works while you sleep<br> - Patented formula<br> - Enamel safe for daily use<br> - Easy to use and mess-free<br> - Invisible, quick-drying serum<br> - Up to 35 Nightly Treatments<br><br> Directions for Use:<br> Step 1: After brushing teeth before bed, dry teeth with a tissue.<br> Step 2: Click until a small drop appears on the pen-brush. On first use up to 20 clicks may be required for the product to come out.<br> Step 3: Apply a thin layer to each tooth and allow to dry. 1-2 drops cover up to 4 teeth.<br> Step 4: Wipe brush clean with a dry tissue. Do not use water. Replace cap. In the morning, brush teeth as usual.<br><br> Ingredients:<br> Alcohol, Acrylates/Octyl acrylamide Copolymer, Aqua, Benzoic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide.
Colgate Optic White Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen 2.5ml


This pen is a convenient & efficient way to achieve teeth that are visibly whiter and more confident-looking, all without interrupting your daily routine. Recommend trying.....
Whitening pen
I tried this product and it did not work for me honestly
theeth whitening
bought this product and my theeth feel and look great
Best smile
Having discolored teeth can ruin ones self esteem, ever had to go through that and think to my self i can't even afford a dentist visitation fee , how will i get my smile back then i tried this product b
I love this products a lot my whole family using it I smile confidentiality
Optic tooth whitening
I used to have yellow teeth but after 3weeks of using it my teeth are showing improvement, becoming white and I am becoming confident in myself again. I can smile with no worries
This really worked for me my teeth was yellow and now it's white and I love it and simple to use.
Optic white
Tried this product Honestly for me it didn’t work
Teeth whitening pen
I had some yellow teeth then someone recommended this pen to me yeah its expensive but it does wonders to your teeth
This product is one of the best
Im smiling more these days because of this product,to anyone who haven't used it,I recommend it.
Love it
Used it on a few coffee stains that wouldn't go away and after a few uses, awesome results
Nands Joburg
It keeps you away from the dentist because you can whiten and sort of clean your teeth @ home. Overnight use for best results in the morning with a bright smile. Love it
Optic white pen
Tried it and to be honest it did not work so I won't recommend it
Wonderful to use
Had such a great experience with this was great did what needed to be done
Not very impressed. Did not do a very good job would not recomend

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