Efekto No Ant Ready To Use Bait Stations 2 Pack

4 5 0 13 13 Position your ant bait stations in your home or office and take control of ants forever. Ready to use bait stations remove unwanted ant activity fast. Simply place these ant bait traps in your home and watch ant activity disappear for good.
Efekto No Ant Ready To Use Bait Stations 2 Pack


No ant anymore
Ants are terrible with kids around , there are much more sweet everywhere and sweet means more ants . I have tried products and the ants and back but this worked wow. Try it you will see
I love this it keeps place ants totally free
I bought the Efekto bait stations as, in summer, my house gets a lot of ants. I put a bait station in the kitchen, the bathroom and in my bedroom under the window. Nothing. The ants simply passed them by. I have used different brands previously and had better luck so I won't purchase this brand again.
No ant
winter...ants are working hard...Summer on its way. Effective to keep ants out of kitchen. It works immediately. Will def. recommend
Expert Pest Control
This product works like magic. Although it is hard to breath after using it.what I liked the most is that it attacks all pests not only ants.they could improve by adding fragrance. I recommend to people with ant problems in their gardens and households.
no ant
this product does not really work and it is a waste of money, i will not buy this again.
not very effective disappointing
Bought a few of these stations and put a stone on top of it as recommended.ant hills did not get smaller or disappear there was actually no difference!will not buy it again
No Ant
Best ant traps ever. Works amazingly well
works wonders
we have been experiencing ants in our kitchen cupboards and along the basin. Placed these on the counter top and inside the cupboards and ants are gone . Works amazing and so much better than spraying something into food cupboards. Would definitely recommend
Ants free
We recently purchased the efekto no ant and it works wonders especially in the kitchen. will def recommend this product
No Ants
Ihave tried alot products to kill Ants bt No Ants is the best I even recommend it to my mom
Ants go away!
Listen now i dont trust these things very easy but a friend recommended it and guys these things work fast and immediately i dont have to worry about ants all over my kitchen sink
Bye bye ants
This is a good product to use for getting rid of ants. It worked well. It's simple to use and effective.

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