Elastoplast Sensitive Plaster Range

4,8 5 0 627 627 <br> Elastoplast plasters block 99% of dirt and bacteria. The Sensitive plasters are skin friendly and suitable for covering all types of smaller wounds.<br><br> The plasters are available as 20 strips in different sizes which seal all around the wound. The non-stick wound pad protects and cushions the wound, whilst the secure and skin-friendly adhesion ensures that the plaster stays in place but is still painless to remove.<br><br> <span>✓</span> Soft & Breathable material<br> <span>✓</span> Hypoallergenic & Flexible<br> <span>✓</span> Painless to Remove<br> <span>✓</span> Available in 3 Different shades<br> <span>✓</span> 0% Latex, so no risk of allergies caused by Latex<br><br> Elastoplast Sensitive Plasters are for Everyone. Everywhere. Every day. Elastoplast, so you can live life uninterrupted!
Elastoplast Sensitive Plaster Range


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