4,6 5 0 193 193 Two new flavours added to the range, Boerewors, and Crispy Chicken.
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Crispy chicken soup
Hubby had an absolute ball making a Chinese inspired meal, complete with hoisin sauce and greens. Flavour was incredible.
2min noodles
The kids and myself absolutely love this as a snack or even a quick supper
Love the range, my kids and i enjoy this as a quick snack
Kids choose the new flavours last month, they are loving the flavours, quick and easy to make. They are hooked on the crispy chicken flavour. Would definitely recommend this, already told other moms at work about it.
Quick and easy
Maggie noodles are a great quick lunch or snack, especially with some veggies added. Boerewors is my favourite flavour and we always have it in the house. However, the crispy chicken flavour tastes a bit weird to me, so that could use some improvement I think.
Always find this in my house
Always a snack or a meal in my house with busy Children and parents. Quick and tasty! Love our Maggi!!!
Maggie noodles
I like Maggie not just for the kids I even enjoy eating it my cupboards are never without Maggie's
Maggie noodles-crispy chicken and boerewors flavoured
The product tastes good and adds variety to the range. The taste is good and isn't artificial, easy to make can be added to dishes tastes new and exciting. I would recommend this product without any doubt.
This is the best product if you are too lazy to make anything circumstantial, it's got a great taste along with easy cooking.
Maggi 2 min noodles
As a mother on the go, this is the perfect product for a quick tasty "fill the tummy" fix. My child loves 2 min noodles
Pleasantly surprised
Tried these new flavours and loved it ...will definitely buy again
Tasty, quick and easy
Very nice taste and easy to prepare, my grandson always asks for the boerewors flavour when they visit
Quick meal
Good, fulfilling noodles . Super quick to cook when you are in a rush. Value for money and affordable.
It's a great flavourful product. Great quick meal and easy to make
Best for after school lunch
Having a growing teen in the house it's difficult to prepare lunches that will fill them up in the afternoon I stock up on maggi 2 minute noodles my daughter loves them and they are so easy to prepare

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