4,6 5 0 240 240 Two new flavours added to the range, Boerewors, and Crispy Chicken.
Maggi 2Minute Noodles - Crispy Chicken Boerewors
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Boyfriend approved
I buy this every grocery shop for my boyfriend as he practically lives off of this for lunch. He loves the crispy chicken flavour and will eat 2 packets in one go.
Crispy chicken
The crispy chicken is my absolute favourite. I find the boerewors slightly salty.
Crispy Chicken for the win!!
My 12 year old son is absolutely IN LOVE with the crispy chicken flavor. It's the only one he'll eat :D It cooks well and the taste is amazing. Would highly recommend this product for anyone that is looking for a quick meal.
Tried and tested
These got to be my son's most favorite flavors, I make that every month they are in the grocery
Easy and quick meal
Love this product. It is easy to use when you are in a hurry or on the go. Just a few minutes and your meal is ready. It is very tasty on its own or spiced up with extra ingridients.
love it
My kids love it, they skip the dinner just to ask for the orange chicken 2min noodles. I buy 15 packs a months these kids will live off this if they could.
The Best
Of all the 2 min noodle brands, Maggi is still the best. The taste is exactly what you would expect from the flavor description. It certainly has the most variety of flavors.
Oodles of Noodles
2 min noodles are a must have in our home normally 2 or more of each flavour, awesome product for working Moms as a quick take to work lunch easy to prepare
Maggi Noodles
Cooks in exactly 2 minutes and have a variety of flavors and my kids enjoy them so much.
love the idea of a quick snack. its an easy go to on busy days. would love if they brought back the other flavours like Italian tomato and thai prawn. great product though
Where's the flavor?
Crispy chicken to me tastes a lot like the chicken flavor... I always add my own spice as there used to be parsley in the noodles and since they did away with it, the flavor has been lost.
Quick Meal
My Daughter loves noodles, is part of my grocery every month.
Go to meal
Love the crispy chicken noodles, always a go to meal on a extremely busy or lazy to cook day. Winner in my household
The best
This is a hit at my house. Everyone loves the taste. It really is a lifesaver for those days when mommy is out of it and does not cook.
Which is your flavor
Crispy chicken is still the ultimate favorite in our house. Add cheese and viennas, dash of tomatoes sauce and voila a quick meal between school and sport.

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