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Messaris Greek Island Potato Crisps Tomato & Olive Flavour
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Chip n dip
This is the best chips I always shop weekly of this. Using it at snack time or when friends are over, giving them the taste of something that's very different from simba and lays. My favorite it's the black pepper and Greek island, I would recommend it to family and friends
Like all of Messaris products this one is perfect. Flavour is really delicious and perfect as a snack in between or at a braai.
Messaris Greel Island
I grew up with Messaris so I know it well. I didnt enjoy this flavor too much but the quality was good. My family didnt like it much.
Messaris Expansion
Growing up with Messaris Chilli Chips, I just had to try the other flavours and definitely enjoyed it!
Very different
I personally enjoyed these chips. My family however didn't. It's not for everyone...The chips are good, proper Messaris quality. The flavours aren't something I've had before, but I was pleased and really liked it. I would by this again for myself.
A little different
I really like these crisps, as they are somewhat different to what else is on offer in the same class. The flavour options are also rather nice! A tad expensive, but overall worth is!
Nice crisps
I enjoy the flavour or these chips as well as their crunchiness. Definitely enjoyed them and will buy them again.
The chips are very tasty, a bit hard and I feel over priced
Light and Crispy
These chips I have bought on occasion and even though they are light and crispy, it still felt like something was lacking. I usually buy the Lay chips and will also buy Doritos regularly. Messaris not an regular buy and we buy chips almost thrice a week
Braai Snack
Not my favorite of crisps. I found them to be a little oily and flaky. Served them at a Braai and most of my friends did enjoy them, but I did find them a little fragile to use with dips. Worth a try, something different for a change.
It’s nice
The chips are nice and chrisp but for me it still lacked that wow factor. I still buy if when we have or going to a braai and our friends enjoy it as well. More of an adult type chip, our toddler doesn’t like it.
Very tasty
The taste is incredible, they crunchy and full of flavor.
Lovely ,tickles my taste buds
Enjoyed it so much I didnt want to share . It tingles my taste buds
The taste of Greece
my tastebuds were on cloud nine!! definitely one for my shopping list
Greek Island tomato and olive flavour
This is a very tasty crisp I was dubious in buying it but absolutely loved the flavouring. this will definitely be on my shopping list from now on.

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