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Nescafe Latte Low Fat Drink
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I'm a lover of coffee and heavy drinker. Tried getting on to iced coffee bandwagon in the hotter months, but it's a no from me. The hot beverages from this brand are still a top favourite, though.
Now this is a tasty drink on the go,and it's very full of all the flavours of a latte I will want
Cold brew on the go
I am currently pregnant so energy drinks are a no go but I was craving something cold and a drink that would give me some energy boost for the rest of the day. This satisfied my sweet craving and energy boost. Will definitely support this product.
I want more
I was a skeptic at first was not sure if this was something my taste buds would like. One I tried I cant get enough. Must be chilled.
Nescafe Latte
delicious .... simply love, love, love this drink... a must in my shopping list
Ice coffee lovers, we have a winner!
The cold/iced coffee is truly amazing! The taste doesn’t differ from regular hot Nescafé! The cold brew completely compliments the initial taste! If you find it too strong, add some milk and you’ll be okay!
Partners favourite
My partner absolutely loved this coffee drink that I had got for me. I on the other hand am not a coffee drinker but it was actually okay.
best served ice ice cold
the taste is different, cant exactly point out what is missing. it taste better when it is well chilled
Best iced coffee
Hi I love drinking hot or cold coffeee but this one is so delicious and refreshing. Really enjoyed this thank you Nescafe for giving us a great product. Let try to reduce cost so everyone can try it out
Nescafe Heaven
These nifty little cans are my absolute favorite, I just loooovvveeeee the taste, it's like the perfect cup of coffee except ice coffee, on the hot summers days they are so delicious! Well done Nescafe!
Excellent for hot summer days
So glad I saw this product on the shelves. I added some ice and it was delicious
Nescafe Latte
I've tried several Iced-Coffee products in tins - It's good but never tastes as good as the real deal. The Nescafe are my favorite up to date - will not buy it everyday but every once in a while. Can use some more sugar.
Nescafe Latte
I enjoyed it. Obviously it's not comparable to an ice coffee you buy at a restaurant. As a quick fix, it was good.
Nescafe Latte
This is not something I would buy or would recommend. I enjoy iced coffee, but this taste is a bit different to what my preference is. I could not finish the can as it was not good.
Nescafé latte low fat
This product is absolutely spectacular. It is tooting or sweet. It is a good product for diabetics with low blood sugar. The product is perfect just the way it is, I would recommend this product.

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