Parmalat EasyGest Low Fat Granadilla Flavoured Yoghurt Drinking 250g

4,8 5 0 57 57 Parmalat EasyGest Low Fat Granadilla Flavoured Yoghurt Drinking is Lactose-free and easy to digest. This drinking yoghurt is full of flavour, healthy and a great-tasting on-the-go snack, perfect for the entire family with a convenient screw-cap.
Parmalat EasyGest Low Fat Granadilla Flavoured Yoghurt Drinking 250g


Easy on the tummy
My family loves yoghurt but have found that a lot of products are a bit harsh on our stomachs, since trying the parmalat easygest yoghurt we are happy as it doesn't cause any discomfort to us post consumption.
My kiddo goes crazy for Parmalat Easyge
This fabulous drinking yoghurt allows my dairy loving lactose intolerant kiddo to, daily, enjoy a yoghurt. She especially loves the strawberry flavour.
Yogi sip
We love this yogi sip very good product my kids take it to school I have one in the morning.It is very healthy so when I'm busy cooking I will take sips helps me keep going through the day.
Good to my troublesome gut.
It doesn't leave me bloated. It tastes so good and creamy. It is really friendly to my stomach that doesn't take well to dairy.
Best of the best
It’s so smooth and good for a busy person to have as a snack. Had it during my busy exam time. Can’t get over it.
Very smooth
I really like how smooth it is on your tough an it made me full,and my kids love it
Parmalat yoghurt
I love this product it is delicious and smooth I love granadilla taste it smells so nice and fresh a mix of fruit and yoghurt is amazing
Very good
This a very good yogurt I love it. It has a great taste to it and is a value for your money. No big improvements can be make. I would recommend this to all my family and friend.
Parmalat Easy Gest Low fat Granadilla
Be bought it at Parmalat outlet shop in Stellenbosch. The whole family enjoy it. Delicious.
Great Flavour
Great taste , My personal new favorite, best flavour and drinking yoghurt for on the go.
Doesn't leave me bloated
I am glad we have a product like this Easygest yogurt. As someone who is lactose intolerant I struggle whenever I eat dairy products but with this particular product I do not get bloated.
Tastey, smooth, refreshing and adorable, it's refreshing and I give it 10 out of 10
Love parmalat product's
Love all parmalat product and myself and family loves drinking yogurts. It's so convenient and delicious
This is a relieve
As a mom of a lactose-intolerant child, I worried a lot as I found that most foods and snacks contained lactose. Now with Parmalat coming through for us. I am ready for lunch box preparation as she starts school next year
Love it!
OMG! Parmalat heard my prayers with these ones. I am lactoce intolerant and i've never enjoyed dairy products until now. The Granadilla flavour is amazing but i must say i love the strawberry one more. Both of them tastes delicious especially when its chilled, definitely easy to digest too, would recommend it everyday.

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