Sanex Zero% Dry Skin Shower Gel - Body Wash - 750ml

4,9 5 0 81 81 Sanex Zero% Sensitive Shower Gel 750ml contains minimal ingredients for clean and moisturised skin. It keeps skin healthy whilst respecting the environment. <br><br> Features & Benefits:<br> - 0% Parabens 0% Colourants 0% Soap<br> - Understands and cares for skin health<br> - Formulated products to minimize risk of allergic reactions<br> - Fragrance free formulation guarantees the absence of any fragranced allergies<br> - Dermatologically tested<br><br> Sanex Keeps Skin Healthy
Sanex Zero% Dry Skin Shower Gel - Body Wash - 750ml


Oh So Delightful
Straight out, Love you Guys. I suffer with Sensitive skin and Scratchy skin it's a Combination of Irritation. Sanex works Great. It also always leaves your Skin feeling and Smelling 100%. You Definatly Can't go wrong when you Purchase Any of this Range from Sanex.
Sanex body wash
Bought this sanex body wash cause my family skin was too dry. After 1 week.we felt a difference. Our skin felt soft and moisturised.
Sane products are soft on the skin and very refreshing
Sanex zero dry skin shower gel
Lovely product however it may not be for all dry skin types. It has an amazing smell and feel on the skin , however, my skin was typically too dry for the product
excellent product
excellent product It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry after showering. It smells really great. Price point is value for money. The range available is quite big. The kids one works really well for dry itchy skin
Amazing product
The sanex zero gently moistures my sensitive skin and gives me confidence as it keeps me clean and feeling fresh and protected,I high recommend this product to people with sensitive skin, showering has become my favourite time.
Monthly essential
My son and husband loves this and buys every month. They say it is refreshing
Sensitiveness i get from the product
Suffering from a dry and unhealthy skin is every girls nightmare, so me going through that, self esteem dropped down, had to limit going out meeting my friends sometimes my family
Great for sensitive skin
I always buy for sensitive skin, leaves skin moisturized And clean. Does not leave oily residue behind
The best body wash for sensitive skin
I’ve purchased this product a couple of times and it’s safe to say that it’s one of the best body washes I’ve used for sensitive skin.
I’ve recently started using this shower gel. I’m am very satisfied with it. I don’t have any allergic reactions and leaves my skin so smooth and moisturised. I will definitely be buying more.
Sanex Shower Gel
I have very dry skin.Sanex is leaving my whole body moisturized and feeling fresh and clean.No more itchy dry skin.My whole family loves this shower Gel.
Love it does not makes body dry leave body and skin smooth and amazing
I love it so much, I love the fact that it doesn't leave your skin dry after taking a bath and the smell leaves your body smelling so fresh as well and I would recommend it especially to those who have a dry skin.
Ultimate moisture
I have a sensitive skin so this has proven to be quite calming. I do not have to worry about itchiness anymore.

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