Sta-Soft Aromatherapy Dream Fabric Softener Refill - 500ml

4,9 5 0 285 285 Sta-soft Aromatherapy Dream with 50% more fragrance will make your soul sing, while also ensuring your clothes are beautifully soft and look newer for longer. Immerse your senses with this intense, dreamy scent whilst also providing your clothes with a longer-lasting fragrance and irresistible freshness. <br><br> Features and Benefits:<br> - 50% more fragrance<br> - Awakens your senses with essential oil fragrance<br> - Touch release technology with microcapsules for a longer-lasting fragrance<br> - Unbeatable softness<br> - 20 washes<br> - Makes ironing easy and pleasant<br> - Clothes look new for longer<br> - Static-free<br><br> What’s in the box<br> 1 x Refill 500ml
Sta-Soft Aromatherapy Dream Fabric Softener Refill - 500ml


Sta-Soft freshness
This keeps my little one's clothes soft and the auroma stays in clothes for longer. My baby always smells fresh because of the sta- soft especially the baby fragrance.
Must have
real love how long lasting this sta soft and makes your clothes smell good and my clothes feel really soft after using
Home fragrance and clothes
I use this to do DIY home fragrances and when used as a spray it does the work and makes my home smells Devine especially on bedding and couch, few sprays here and there goes a long way.
Sta soft
It is very good, smell very good and make clothes soft. Am in love.
Sta-Soft Aromatherapy
This has always been my brand, aroma therapy has just added the love I have for the product. My mom used it I do and sure my kids will do too, it's clear a generational product in my family
I loooove this !
Okay so I have never been a stay soft kin of girly but then I decided to give this one a try .. and I mast stay !! Love love love the smell of it.. it does stay for long on your clothes and you just can't get enough of the smell . Go and get it now !
It's stays longer on my clothes plus packaging is superb
Love the smell
I have to admit that I love the smell. I always keep my new staysoft in the car until I need to use it. This keeps my clothes and my car smelling fresh
Sta-soft aromatherapy fragrance 500ml .
Packaging is very good rarely leaks. It is value for money because it gives you more when diluted, keeps clothes soft and make ironing very easy.The fragrance lasts longer on clothes. It is definitely a must-have.
Even after washing is put away,it still has the same fresh washed smell as if it had just come of the line.
Smell is great!!
The stasoft fabric softeners has amazing smell and it lasts for a long time on my clothes. It also leaves it nice and soft. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!!
My best,long lasting fragrance on ur clothes,blankets,curtains,everything you put it in,the best
Soft feel
Leave a soft feel on the fabric and a nice scent which is lasting
Dream Fabric Softener
The Sta-Soft Aromatherapy Dream Fabric Softener Refill is my go to produce, it brings out a beautiful soothing feel on fabrics and gives an amazing smell. This product is easy to use and it produced more fabric softer when refilled.
Sta soft smell nice
I always have one in my car it makes my car smell nice .the aroma it's like you can't stop smelling it .when my bottle is empty I put the refill in my bottle fill it up whit water and I have a 2litre sta soft again I love the refills .

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