Sta-Soft Ultra Concentrate Antibacterial Fabric Softener - 1L

4,9 5 0 108 108 Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate Anti-Bacterial Fabric Softener kills 99.9% of bacteria on all your fabrics and clothes! Not only does Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate Hygiene Fresh Conditioner kill germs and bacteria but it also leaves your clothes feeling fresh and soft! Sta-soft Anti-Bacterial has a superior formulation and intense fragrance for long-lasting freshness. Experience the enriching, fragrant Anti-Bacterial power of Sta-soft Ultra Concentrate Hygiene Fresh for all your fabrics! <br><br> Features and Benefits:<br> - 4X more concentrated<br> - 4X more fragrance<br> - Long-lasting fragrance capsules<br> - Long-lasting freshness<br> - 40 washes<br> - Ready to use<br> - Clothes look newer for longer<br> - Unbeatable softness<br><br> Usage Instructions:<br> - Ready to use<br> - No need to dilute<br> - Fill cap as shown on pack<br> - One small-cap is all you need<br>
Sta-Soft Ultra Concentrate Antibacterial Fabric Softener - 1L


Very welcome smell that last and the clothes smell good
Amazing smell
Long-lasting smell and odour, my children have no reactions or allergies when I use this product.
Stay soft
This is one of the best fragrance smell and its also for sensitive skin you should try it
Stay-soft was pretty good. my blankets are really soft. they smell good and feel soft.highly recommend you to buy Stay-soft. my clothes smell and feel good as well.
Divine scent
It smells so heavenly divine, and the scent really sticks on the fabric and last for a far amount of days, possibly 3days. The scent could be better if it lasted longer. I’d definitely recommed it to everyone
Lasting smell
It is my everyday laundry detergent, because of it's good quality and excellent smell that last longer and and the softness that is just amazing.
The best fragrance
It's a classic , so many flavors they come in they smell Soo good. Makes me feel I don't have to use perfume. It's makes my colleagues give me compliments daily because I smell so good
Household brand
The product leaves a lingering fragrance and clothes look fresh as if worn for the first time.
Hello this is the best fragrance I have ever tried so far. It smells good and the smell last for days.
I love it, my clothes smells nice after doing the laundry all because of it. I would totally recommend it.
Sta soft
This product is really good with the skin it does not irritate it. It is also good when used on baby clothes since it does not irritate the skin. It makes clothes feel soft and smell really nice
The Best for Baby's Comfort!
I couldn't be happier with this stay soft for my baby. It's incredibly gentle on delicate skin and keeps my little one cozy all day long. The quality is outstanding, and it washes like a dream. Definitely a must-have for every parent looking to prioritize comfort and softness for their baby
Good product
This one, I'd recommend it daily, it makes the clothes softer and the fragrance lasts longer
Smell last long
Smells last in clothes Even after washing Clothes stay fresh
I like star soft it makes my clothes clean and smell good

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