Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Moisturising Body Cream 400ml

4,7 5 0 62 62 Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Moisturising Body Cream is made with cocoa butter that revives dry, dull skin to reveal its natural glow.
Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Moisturising Body Cream 400ml


great product
simply love this product very effective in keeping my skin moist and hydrated. love the packaging can get to the ends of the container no wastage. Has a beautiful smell that makes me feel beautiful
Vaseline intensive care
Its an excellent product that i use skin is smooth and soft i so love it
No more dry skin
My family and I love the Vaseline lotion range, soft on skin and moistures our bodies against the dry skin of Winter, now with an added glow.
Great for dry skin
It's an absolute favorite, I love the fragrance and more specially the fact that it lasts longer. Its so good to my skin as its very dry.
Excellent body cream
Vaseline is the best body cream that leaves the body revived, revitalized and smooth. It has a smell and glow that lasts fur longer that's why I use it fur my whole family
The cream is excellent . Leaves soft supple skin. I love it
I would give 10/10. Very good on skin. Would reccommend it to friends and family. I love it. Smells coconut . Leaves your skin soft.
Smooth skin
I’ve tried for the first time and I was impressed by the smell and softness.
Vaseline Cocoa Glow
I have very dry skin especially in winter and tried this product. I am very happy with the result. My skin stays soft and moisturized throughout the day. Great value for your money!!!
Smooth and gentle
Sow good reviews on fb and tried it out so far this lotion is the best. Got it at PicknPay to test it
Vaseline body cream
Is so smooth on the skin and keep it moisturized for 48 hour also helps with stretch marks.
One of the best for my skin
Me and my son we love this product .my skin was very dry but since I started using this product am happy
Best skin brand for any body
This product is good , it softer the skin and nourish. I feel good when I used vaseline
I love vaseline body lotion it moisturise skin ,control oil
Vaseline body lotion is the best. It makes skin soft and smooth , it last longer and give warmth. I like it and I will always buy it
Skin soo smooth
I have been testing lotions for my dry skin,so far this lotion is the best. Bought it at PicknPay to test it
problem skin
Wow very good for my skin I've got problem with my skin always itchy n dry but since I've used this product i don't have any complains n I'd recommend it to other people who have same problem as mine

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