Arnott's Sea Salt Cracker Chips

4.6 5 0 107 107 Arnott's Cracker Chips Sea Salt are oven-roasted, never fried. A unique fusion of a cracker and a chip for an exciting new snacking experience.
Arnott's Sea Salt Cracker Chips


As these are not fried , oven roast. So means healthy and guilt free. Very flaky and crispy. Usaully I buy these.
Crisp and tasty snack
I loved the taste and how crispy these chips are. Great for a snack between meals, or to take with you on the move. Even better with a nice dip.
Sea salt crackers Arnott's
Very nice with dips cheese or by itself crunchy and healthy for u as a snack.
Tasty and different
Great alternative to savoy and water thins. Just the right amount of flavour and crunch.
taste diffrent
very dry but have great taste would love to try them again
Pleasantly surprised
I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Arnott's Sea Salt Crackers Chips as they were crisp and full of flavour. My guests were delighted when I added it to our snack platter at a barbecue.
A new take on a cracker
Absolutely full of crunch and flavour. A nice change from the usual crackers.
Good taste
This product is good and my children likes it too. The sea salt gives it the natural flavour.
Great as chips or dippers
Crispy light chips, great by themselves or sensational with a dip
Sea salt
These are really lovely. The perfect amount of salt to catch the attention of your taste buds. These are nice with dip or very easy to enjoy by themselves.
Love these, great flavour and popular!
Loved these. These were a really nice extra edition to a cheese platter we had with a family get together. Everyone loved the saltiness and crispness. Really popular and unique
Staple Crackers in our family
Staple crackers in our family. Not too salty, tasty on its own or with some dips.
Good Quality
I tried these Arnott's Cracker Chips Sea Salt for the first time and like that they are oven-roasted not fried. I found them to be very tasty cruncny and not to salty very enjoyable to eat will buy themagain
Great snack
These chips are nice and thin. There is no greasiness like other chips. I would also recommend the salt and vinegar flavour!
Arnott sea salt cracker chips
Oh yuuuum amazingly they taste crisp & fresh also very well salted probably the only negative is the price I only ever buy them on special…if they dropped the price I’d definitely buy them more

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