B Honey Australian Pure Honey

4.8 5 0 53 53 B Honey is 100% pure Australian honey - naturally sweet, it's the perfect all-rounder.
B Honey Australian Pure Honey


Seriously good honey
When you are craving for something sweet but you want to choose a Healthy option which is easy and a quick fix .. What's better than a toasted bread with B Honey🍯 on top... B Honey is proudly Australian owned 🇦🇺and made from 100% Pure Australian Honey. The best thing about purchasing B Honey, is that , you are supporting the Purple Hive Project, an initiative that aims to help protect Honey bees🐝 from the significant threat of Varroa Destructor arriving in Australia. bhoney. Love the squeezy bottle.. easy to use and the honey texture, taste etc everything is just perfect
Lovely honey
This lovely honey disappeared very quickly in our house because everyone wanted to eat it. The easy squeeze bottle means it was no mess and I love that is Australian made. A regular item in our shopping cart.
Tastes great and easy to dispense bottle is good
This honey is 100% Australian, and tastes great. I like the easy to dispense bottle with no mess. Kids can use it and less clean up compared to other bottles.
Great Taste
We use this honey every morning, it has a great texture and taste.
After Ages something genuine
Amazing Product, will always buy this from now on!
Fantastic honey, great taste and Aussie owned. better if come in glass packaging instead of plastic that is contaminating & changing the taste
Great taste
I love the taste of this honey and that it's 100% Australian made. It's got a lovely colour and doesn't harden easily. I think improvements could be made to the lid as when you try to stop pouring the honey a lot ends up around the lid.
The food was great
The honey was great however the lid itself kept popping off, making a mess though-out my cupboard. Even when squeezing it the lid would pop off
Use this honey daily with breakfast and it tastes delicious.It doesn't get hard as some other brands and is free flowing . However I have noticed the lid breaks after a while .Also the feature to upside down to use is annoying
Soooo Good
We brought B Honey a few months ago, initially the labeling caught my eye, it was something I haven't seen before. Its great for cooking and just on toast! We have now gone though 3 containers off it, its our go to brand.
Really tAsty honey!
Brought this last week as it was on special and very glad I did. Really nice on my toast and porridge. Better than the other main brands too. Will definitely buy again
Great product
This honey is my daughters favourite and she loves it to put on her toast. It’s sweet and is 100% Australian made.
Here’s the buzz
Love this product. The squeeze bottle is very convenient and makes for less mess especially with kids using it. The honey itself is very tasty too and extra marks as it is an Australian product
Our favourite!
I like the fact that this is an Australian product, sourced from Aus beehives and is 100% Honey. It is very tasty, we love it with our toast for breakfast… it doesn’t last.
Yummy Honey
Great tasting Australian honey and very affordable.I love the convenient squeeze bottle and the honey always comes out easily. I have this on my crumpet everyday, it has a lovely flavour.

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