4.8 5 0 32 32 Macro almond spread is made from certified organic almonds. Pure and simple, just the way nature intended.
Macro Natural Almond Spread
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Standard yet scrumptious.
We have had multiple jars of Macro almond butter. It is tasty and a far healthier alternative to peanut butter. The most reliable almond butter with a good brand I know of.
Excellent almonds
Love this almond spread, great consistency and taste and we'll priced for this type of product. The kids love it too
All natural
I have recently tried this as part of a taste testing group and was really impressed with the taste, consistency and health star rating. It has nothing but almonds, no artificial colours or flavours, tastes very close to peanut butter, I like the grainy texture of the spread. This is my new favorite spread now.
Very nice
I love this almond butter. It tastes very nutty (like it should) it is very smooth and delicious. I love and and put it in everything from smoothies and even my toast. It’s ver smooth and creamy.
Excellent, tasty, good consistency, I often eat it off the spoon!
So yummy
Absolutely amazing. I couldn't get enough of it. It was a huge winner in my household. I will always have one in the cupboard.
So delicious
This is a great alternative to peanut butter and it tastes just as good. It's creamy and delicious and I like to use it to make sandwiches with a bit of jam or in my smoothies, mixed with a bit of soy milk and bananas.
OMG yes
this almond spread is hands down the best one on the market 🤤 Smooth and flawless - it is perfect as a snack with carrot and celery sticks...or on its own straight out of the tub 😉
Very tasty
Loved this. Eat it with toast or biscuits or cut vegs like a dip
All natural but a bit bland. Mayby some pink salt is needed
All natural but a bit bland. Mayby some pink salt needed
Excellent in brownies
I bake ALOT and i got over using peanut butter because im tryong this keto low carb thing and this was a brilliant alternative. I love the taste, its easy to use and and pairs well with my other flavours.
Delicious after a workout
This is my go to product after a run smeared on a banana. It spreads easily, isn’t oily and tastes smooth and creamy.
Easy spread and delicious
I like this spread. It tastes good and easy to spread.
great product
macro range is good, and this one is a lovely choice for the household.
A must have in my grocery trips, weather or not we still have in stock. We love peanut butter but having discovered this lets me enjoy PB without the guilt! Must try!

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