2.1 5 0 114 114 The only energy drink with a great Coca-Cola taste! With caffeine from naturally-derived sources, guarana extracts and B vitamins, and completely taurine-free, Coca-Cola Energy is here to complement your upbeat and busy life.
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Coke energy
This new product from the coke range is a decent soft drink. Flavour is mild yet refreshing. Lower caffeine content then majority of available energy drinks on the majority on the market at present.
Not original
Not good taste to sweet, plus for it contain a bit expensive
It’s ok
It tastes ok wouldn’t buy it much. It hasn’t got a nice taste
I love it
I love the taste of this! Nice and refreshing. Has the taste of coke but you can definitely taste the energy drink too
Does not taste like coca cola
This product was disgusting and did not taste like coa cola. Had a horrible after taste as well. I would not recommend it and will stick to my usual brand of energy drink.
I bought this thinking that it would have even the remotest taste to coke, no such luck. It tastes just like the rest of the energy drinks out there, I would give it a miss unless you just want to give it a shot, but URGH, i need some new drain cleaner I guess, perhaps its good for that.
Was there no testers available?
Oh boy.. this is BAD it tastes TERRIBLE .. I really wonder when products like this hit the market, like who actually tested this? who tasted it and said 'good to go!' It tastes chemical/medicinal. And I'm not anti energy drinks it's just this one is bad tasting. Will not buy again.
Coca Cola Energy
I tried as I thought it would give me boost but It didn't. I was like drink flat coke.
Didn’t like it at all. It tasted artificial and didn’t have a nice flavour to it. My husband and son both didn’t like it either.
I always like to try new things when they come out, especially energy drinks.... I know, bad. This was definitely not a good one at all! Had a disgusting taste and ended up tipping it out.
Well thankfully I was given a can to taste by a friend.... well It went down the sink. No idea on the energy boost effect as I couldn't get past the artificial cherry/fake cola taste. A BIG miss for me. But then again not surprised, since coke ditched actual Zero I haven't touched any of their products and this was an ample reminder why.
No thank you
I felt let down by this product. I was keen to try a cost effective alternate to when I need a pick me up (I don't drink a lot of energy drinks) but I wasn't keen on this one. The taste is difficult to describe and I did not like it, and yes as others have mentioned the after taste is weird too. I'm happy to pay a bit more and stick with something I prefer the taste of. Sorry guys - good try.
A bit little Dr Pepper
It has a really nice cherry flavour a little bit like if you mixed Dr Pepper with Red bull. It's my new favourite energy drink. It does have a little bit of a weird after taste. But really good
Great taste
Great tasting energy drink. Would have to be my favourite energy drink now.
Not good!
Very disappointed in this product! Does not taste like coke at all, more of a cheap cola taste.

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