2 5 0 160 160 The only energy drink with a great Coca-Cola taste! With caffeine from naturally-derived sources, guarana extracts and B vitamins, and completely taurine-free, Coca-Cola Energy is here to complement your upbeat and busy life.
Coca-Cola Energy
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Keep to your own market
I’m always wary of products trying out in new markets and my concerns were validated this time. The energy drink sector has been dominated by the likes of Monster, Rockstar, V and such. This drink left a horrible taste in my mouth and I had to wash it down with a Monster energy drink. I believe Coca Cola should stick to what they know and produce wet sugar with bubbles in it without the extra caffeine like this new product. Would not recommend
Not worth it
I tried this product as I wanted a change to the normal coke and without drinking something like V. I didn’t like the taste and found it too sweet. The energy hit didn’t really kick in either and was not worth it. I’ll be sticking to regular coke instead.
Never again
Didnt taste like coke didnt taste like an energy drink.. did not give me energy..left mouth feeling dry. Horrible
Worse Coke product Ever
Respect to Coke. Don't care you can Clean Metals with it. It has the Most Refreshing/Thirst Quenching taste! Great with Pizza. But- this Coke Energy Thing is Truly BAD! Taste is Awefull. Hated IT!
Best energy drink, unlike the rest
It doesn’t taste like the typical energy drink and unlike many it actually works. I hope it stays around for a long time
This product doesn't deserve a star but it wasn't an option! Disgusting drink that I threw out after mouthfull! Coca-Cola not your finest moment!
Absolutely disgusting! Does not taste like a real coke at all. Coca-Cola should be ashamed of themselves for letting such a nasty drink out. And they expect people to pay for that? One of the nastiest energy drinks I have had and I am a fan of energy drinks so I have had plenty. I will never buy one of these again unless they change the formula. So sad to have to write this review as Coke is my preferred drink of choice of soft drinks. However Coke has really missed the mark with this debacle.
This product was quite average. The taste was strange and I didn’t enjoy it. I would rather have a can of coke. Will not buy again, expensive as well.
This was the worst Coke product i've ever tasted and I am a Coca-Cola girl through and through. My main drink is Coke No Sugar, after most of my life being devout Coke drinker I tried this energy drink and it was awful. I defintely wouldn't tell anyone to try it - actually i'd do the opposite.
wouldn't get
There was quite a hype when this product came out but it was quite pricey. I tried it when it was on special and I wouldnt bother again. It tasted like a slightly flat coke.
I wouldn’t say this would ever be my first choice in buying an energy drink from a store. The drink itself has a rather unusual flavour that you wouldn’t normally associate with coke.
Not so good
Apart from the fact that this product tastes like poison and leaves a chemical tasting after taste in my mouth, I found that it did not give me extra energy at all. They also do not have a sugar free version like other brands do.
Clean Taste
Enjoyed the flavour of this product and it didn't have the same chemical aftertaste as some of its competitors
Not bad, not great
The product wasn't bad. Definitely doesn't taste like Coke however. Whilst I love Coke, the flavour wasn't the best when compared to other products available. I would only purchase if it was on special.
Not as good as I thought
No where near as good as other energy drinks on the market. Definitely not buying again.

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