2 5 0 147 147 The only energy drink with a great Coca-Cola taste! With caffeine from naturally-derived sources, guarana extracts and B vitamins, and completely taurine-free, Coca-Cola Energy is here to complement your upbeat and busy life.
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Stick to soft drinks not energy
I tried it and it didn't taste as good as other energy drinks. It felt like it was a mix between soft drink and energy. It just doesn't feel right.
Cola Cola energy
I tired It once and didn't like the taste it tatsed like the old coke life yuck and didnt help with energy levels so I get it again
Poor attempt at an energy drink
I tried this product and i was embarrassed to find that it tasted like a regular Coca Cola drink, i believe that this was just a marketing trick to make teens drink more Coke, i would not recommend this to anyone and will never be buying again.
Poor attempt @ an energy drink
Very poor attempt at an energy drink, just tasted like regular coca-cola. The label had .0.000001% (or something energy). Not buying again
Coca Cola Energy
Coke decided to put extra caffeine into their cola and unfortunately it didn't impress me much. It tastes exactly like coca cola but sweeter to me. It definitely is not a drink for kids and I don't really recommend it unless you are just curious like I was. Give a taste test and let me know what you think.
Different to regular Coca Cola
It was ok, but didn't enjoy the taste. Probably not buying this one again.
Coca cool
Coca-cola energy drink has a refreshing,unusual taste. Almost like a creamy soda. Love this drink for a quick pickup on a busy day.
The initial taste is coke but then it disappears and leaves a horrible taste in your mouth. Couldn't finish the can, due to the left over taste and my partner tried it as well and had the same response.
Not what I expected, advertised as tasting like coke when it doesn't at all. Almost like medicine but still drinkable.
Not a fan
I found it had a very medicinal take to it. I wouldn’t buy it again I prefer regular Coca Cola or other Energy Drink Brands
Odd taste
I'm not that keen on energy drinks so thought I'd try this as I love coke. However the taste was weird afterwards and disgusting if it was even slightly warmer than straight out if the fridge.
not waht i expected
although there is that coke taste it mixed badly with the energy side of the drink and I feel I would opt for a can of coke or a different energy drink. it did though keep to the energy side and wake me up a bit.
Errr... weird after taste
I loved the idea of this, especially with the sugar free option! I tried a few times but just couldn't come to the after taste of each mouthful.
$9.50 per Litre
$9.50 per Litre!!! It doesnt matter how it tastes, because the price leaves a bad after taste. Yes, some other brands might not be much cheaper, and we should seriously have a long hard look at ourselves for paying that much for those as well. But for Cok to launch their first ever Coke based energy drink, and make it the most expensive energy drink on the market, is just crazy. That may be the reason theyve decided to discount all of a sudden after two months of woeful sales. Whoever made the decision to price it at $9.50 for 4 x 250ml cans, has been drinking too much of the stuff. That's all I have to say.
Not nice
It doesn’t taste anything like Coca Cola and is quite expensive. I wouldn’t recommend this product, your best to stick with the original

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