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Red Bull Watermelon
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Sour watermelon
The first thing I was expecting from this drink was a sweet water melon flavoured sugary tasting drink, but to my surprise it wasn't tasted like that. It has a strong watermelon jelly like smell when you open the can but the taste is more like lemon/lime mixed with watermelon, which is more on a sour side than sweet. It misses that much needed fizz though. Overall it's not my favorite but I don't mind it on hot summer days.
Great taste!
I’m a big lover of Red Bull and artificially flavoured watermelon products. This collaboration was FANTASTIC and left me begging for more. The taste reminded me of the watermelon flavoured Hubba Bubba I used to chew on as a child. The nostalgia trip was great and the boost I got from the caffeine (mostly the sugar) got me through the rest of my working day at a desk job. Thanks red bull for yet another amazing product. I eagerly await for the next
If its not broken don't fix it
sometimes you just can't improve on the original, the watermelon flavour is very sweet and somewhat off putting
Delicious and yummy
Red Bull new flavors summer watermelon, and a new zero edition that tastes more like the original than like the sugar free. My new Favorite seasonal drink. Watermelon Red Bull. It’s really good very refreshing and makes me feel so fresh!
Very good
I love red bull, so when i got to try this i was very pleased as many other drink companies don't always get a nice watermelon flavor, however this does. It is also very refreshing
Soft drink
Another smashing product from coke Flavor taste great... Live in the moment with coke cola
You've nailed it redbull!
Redbull have actually managed to have nailed this new watermelon flavour. Normally when energy drinks that already have a perfect flavour and product try and make a new flavor it's usually a flop. I am a redbull addict and drink it daily but don't tell anyone haha. If you love watermelon flavoured candies then you will love this flavour try it.... You won't regret it!
Great flavour
Redbull always delivers on taste with its energy drinks
I drink the original red bull daily and have more then one and found this one very refreshing the taste was amazing love it. Love to see this in a 4 pack
Never been a big fan of this kind of product and tasting this confirmed it
Bloody amazing
I’ve been looking for so long to find a watermelon flavour drink and I never knew until recently that there was a watermelon red bull!!!! I drink red bull at least once a day and I think I just found my new favourite drink
Best flavor ever!!
Ergo doesn't love watermelon? It's literally the best flavor in the world. And they have nailed it, none of that horrid chemical or powdery taste like every other energy drink has.
Too sweet
Not too bad taste but prefer the original one. Too sweet for me
It’s fantastic, tastes amazing, price is nice and cheap
Great taste
Lovely ratio of flavour making it pleasant to drink.

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