4.5 5 0 16 16 Try Cottee's Cordial in Orange & Mango flavour. Now with 40% fruit juice!
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Strong flavour
The mango flavour and smell really shines through. From opening the bottle to the very last sip, you get mango with a lingering taste of orange.
Awesome Flavour
This Cottee's orange and mango is so tasty and very refreshing handy to have in the pantry
Cottee's Cordial Orange & Mango
I absolutely love this cordial you don't need to add alot to the water witch is good for people who like it strong like myself
Another great Cottee’s flavour
My family loved the flavour, it was very refreshing.
Great for hot day
Great taste and is amazing with ice and on a hot day. We used to make icy poles and kids loved. Even better now made with fruit juice and not just sugar
Love it
My favourite cordial of all time, its a light flavour not too sweet
Flavour wow
Kids loved it, had no idea it was cordial at all, big plus for our family
Nice tasting
Flavour was quiet nice tastes of mango definitely present which I liked
The flavour is spot on, i do think the sugar content is high but much better than a soft drink. Its delicious!
Gimme some sugar
Great tasting product overall. I really enjoyed the flavor of this in contract with other brands. The main issue I have is with the sugar content. It is way too high!!!
Great quick drink
Cottee’s is the only cordial I purchase. 50% fruit juice and natural flavours. Tastes just like fresh fruit. A larger size for our family would be good.
Flavour is great ,not to sweet ,good instead of plain water so helps me drink more
Orange and mango cordial is the best flavour! It's a really tasty blend and can be made to satisfy taste, a sweet tooth or a more subtle flavour. It's really refreshing made either way.
Great flavour
Kids and I all loved this flavour. It's so fresh, will be great in summer to have outsideside on a hot day to enjoy with lunch in a big jug with some ice to share with the family .
O&M Cordial
Great flavour, nice as a cold drink with lots of ice.

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