Rocc Naturals B12 + Coconut Oil Toothpaste

3.5 5 0 4 4 An everyday toothpaste for our vegan friends. This toothpaste has thought of everything. It contains the most natural, high-quality B12 Methylcobalamin, and Coconut Oil to prevent bad breath and tooth decay.
Rocc Naturals B12 + Coconut Oil Toothpaste


Fantastic! Natural and great for teeth & health
I love this product. I have been using it for awhile now. Taste is awesome, cleans well and no nasty chemicals. Bonus B12, and despite one persons comment you do absorb it through your gums. I prefer without fluoride because the science says it does more harm than good. We do not need it to keep healthy teeth. And it is certainly not good for your body. One of the best natural toothpastes around!
Game changer
This toothpaste is such a game-changer. It is made with superfoods, vitamins, and minerals like B12, as well as Coconut oil to prevent bad breath and tooth decay. I also love the colour!! Would recommend this to absolutely anyone.
Just brush with water…
What a joke this toothpaste is. You don’t need vitamin B12 on your teeth, you need it in your diet. What you do need on your teeth is fluoride; you’d get more benefit brushing with tap water than with this. Overpriced rubbish. Btw. I tried it at a friends- was all they had (insert major eye roll). Would never waste money on such silliness myself
Not for me
I prefer tooth paste with fluoride. This is good for those people like natural tooth past.

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