Saba Organics Rose & Kakadu Plum Hand Sanitiser Spray

4.8 5 0 7 7 Saba Organics Certified Organic Hand Sanitiser spray is laboratory tested and proven to kill 99.9% of germs without drying your skin.
Saba Organics Rose & Kakadu Plum Hand Sanitiser Spray


I wear gloves everyday which leaves my hands very dry, so i was looking for something quick and easy to use that I could also carry in my handbag. Having this product in a spray bottle is excellent, and after using the product my hands are a lot better and no where near as dry on a daily basis highly recommend you try this product as I did!
Pleasant Fragrance
I was gifted this sanitiser by a friend and love it due to it's natural content and fragrance. It is quick-drying and doesn't leave a yucky residue like some sanitisers placed in offices and shops. Great to keep in your handbag and car.
Great product
I bought this a week ago and it’s been very positive so far. My hands feel so moisturized and smooth after using this spray instead of feeling dry and sticky like other sanitizers. It’s really convenient as you can just spray on the go (very suitable for kids).
Nice with good smell
I really liked it as it don't make your hands dry and I also like it's smell
Great natural hand sanitiser
I have used this Hand Sanitiser in both the Lavender and Rose & Kakadu Plum scents. They both have a lovely, natural and fresh fragrance made from essential oils. This hand sanitiser bottle has a compact size, ideal for on the go and it's easy to quickly spritz on your hands. I am pleased that it contains mainly natural ingredients.
I always carry hand sanitiser whenever I go out and this one smells great and is easy to spray onto my hands. It helps to kill the bacteria and it doesn't dry out my skin. My only negative is that it's expensive.
Non drying and great smelling hand sanitiser

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