Tru Blu Garlic Butter Spread

4.8 5 0 168 168 Tru Blue Garlic Butter Spread is a classic spread that is made with real garlic for a rich and distinctive flavour. This creamy butter is well-matched with parsley and garlic for a bold taste that goes well in your cooking or with bread.
Tru Blu Garlic Butter Spread


The garlic flavour spread
It has a natural and strong taste, perfect for home made garlic bread, or roasted garlic potatoes, or spread on toast for something different for breakfast.
I love this garlic butter! It has a great taste and i use it in everything from toast and garlic bread to basting steaks and risotto. Would love to see it in a bigger tub.
Strong Flavour
The garlic flavour is quite strong, and thoroughly mixed within. While the butter is soft enough to slide a butter knife through, it can also be crumbled on top of bread. Perfect flavours, and would certainly recommend.
Perfect taste. Use it all the time for home made garlic bread.
Good for garlic bread
Used this on toast with cheese and it made the best cheesy garlic bread! Highly reccomend
This is amazing garlic butter no messing around peeling garlic or cutting herbs and mixing put it straight onto bread or French stick to make a no fuss garlic toast or bread roll
Loved this!
I've tried many garlic butters and this has to be one of my favourites! A really reasonable price and the product seemed to last me a fairly long time in comparison to other garlic butters!
very tasty
THe garlic in this is just right although for hard core garlic fans you probably add more, it would need to sit on the counter at room temp though because its quite a hard tub of butter and isn;t easily spreadable onto a baguette for making garlic bread, but in saying that its still worth buying for the great flavour.
Tru Blu Garlic Butter is delicious! Perfect for garlic butter steak or even home made garlic bread. It’s the best garlic butter we’ve tried to date.
Great for toasties
My 10yo son loves garlic bread and cheese toasties so we used this instead of butter and it was a hit. Always have some in the fridge now. Great flavour and taste!
I have tried an infinite number of garlic butter spreads and they often taste weird and fake. I was surprised that this one tastes like real butter, garlic and herbs. I will definitely keep using this brand for garlic bread and steaks.
Dont buy any other brand
I have tried all sorts of garlic butter from the cheaper Coles brand (no longer on the shelves) to more expensive like Lurpak (was my favourite) and then brought the Tru-Blue garlic butter spread when the supermarket was out of Lurpak. OMG the best ever...great on plain pasta and I make my own garlic bread which is better than store bought. Its one if the cheaper products as well...a WIN WIN WINNER
Best Garlic Butter EVER!
I was slightly hesitant the first time I tried this product, but in all honestly i was blow away with how awesome it actually is. There is a perfect amount of Garlic mixed with the butter and its super tasty. Its been a hit in my household and we are now making our own garlic bread instead of buying premade ones from the supermarket. It awesome to pop a spoonful into a pasta dish just to give it that extra flavor kick! I dont think i will use another brand again.
Quick, easy and tasty
A really intense garlic taste! Make garlic rolls in seconds or a smear over a simple steak. Delicious
This garlic butter is so tasty. A perfect blend of garlic and parsley means that anytime I use this butter, it is full of flavour. Although it doesn't spread as easily as others garlic butters I've tried it is tasty and melts well without burning. Great for making garlic sauces, or on top of a nice steak.

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