Amope Pedi Perfect Advanced Electronic Foot File

4.2 5 0 72 72 Amope PediPerfect ADVANCED Electronic Foot File is the perfect pedicure tool to add to your regular footcare and beauty routine. Whether you have hard calluses, cracked heels and dry skin, or need maintenance between pedicures, Amope PediPerfect has you covered. The Micralumina replaceable roller head gently but effectively buff away hard dead skin, leaving your feet soft and touchable in minutes. You can use this foot file wet or dry and as often as needed. Spend less time and money on salon pedicures and enjoy visibly softer and smoother skin after just one use with this at home maintenance tool. To ensure this product is right for you, please carefully read and follow the directions listed on the pack.
Amope Pedi Perfect Advanced Electronic Foot File


Amazing feeling
Bought this a while back because I had some issues with a wart on the bottom of my foot. Helped a lot. Only issue I had was when I dropped it and it broke the battery latch, but that was my fault and some tape fixed that issue up no problem.
Preparation For A Summer Wedding
The first time I tried this product was a few days before a very important summer wedding that I attended. Translation, help I need to pretty up my summer feet for my wedding guest sandals! This product delivered everything I expected it to!
Perte de temps
Enlève seulement les peaux mortes si la machine est utiliser après le bain ou la douche, lorsque la peau est adoucie. Dès le lendemain ma peau sèche était de retour. Pour le prix, je ne recommande pas.
At home pedi
This is a great file for removing light dry skin build up between pedis. If you have a thicker build up or big calluses it will not do the trick. When you push harder to take of more it comes to a stop. Using a hand file works best in this case.
Not bad
If you only have a little bit of dry skin on the top layer it works but if you have bad dry feet I found it better to use the hand one to do the job since you can only press so hard with the electric one
Not as good as a manual foot file
I found that I am able to get more dead skin off with a manual file because I can control the pressure. You can't do that with this or it will slow/stop the movement of the file. I don't actually use this much anymore. I find a hand held manual file to be more effective.
Love this!
This is the perfect tool for anyone wanting to save money on pedicures or keeping feet looking great! A must have for anyone!!
Love this product. Both myself and my two teens use this. It is gentle and quiet. It removes the dead skin from your feet leaving them so smooth. So easy to use. Much easier than other products.
Smooth feet
It’s super convenient because as long as you need a touch up, may you do this in the comfort of your home. It’s also less expensive compared to going and getting a professional pedicure. It’s also easy to clean.
Works Amazing
I absolutely love this product. My heels on my feet were always rough, snagging on my socks, sheets etc and it drive me crazy, till I started using this product. Now my heels are smooth and soft. This product is very easy to use.
Ok until batteries start to die.
Its cute and works ok for what i paid. But as soon as the batteries start to die it is terrible. It drains batteries fast also. Didnt have a good experience with this design of foot care.
Not great for hard calluses
I got this as I have calluses the size of France on each of my feet. My family is always getting me foot care products but nothing seems to work. I thought this would be great as I could sandpaper my way through to smooth feet. I can see how this would work to soften most feet, but not my hard rock pavement type of feet. In order to make any difference, I had to push so hard that it would stop spinning.
Great product
I like this product cause it’s an easy way to smooth out the dry skin on my feet. They get so dry that creams aren’t enough and this product takes the cream much further. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for relief.
Food scrubber
I like the foot scrub because my heels dry out in the winter and they start to crack open and it hurts when I use this my heels are softer yes you could add foot cream with it I know every one needs one
Fair Product
Have used and found that it does a fair job on my feet. The best thing to do is use it regularly so that the calluses do not become too hard to remove. Would recommend.

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