Concealer Makeup Color Correcting Palette Lightweight Formula & Ultra-Smooth Finish

4.3 5 0 40 40 Treat your face to the NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Palette. These six creamy color correcting concealer shades are customizable! Layer and blend them to cover, conceal, and color correct the appearance of unwanted redness, blue tones, dark circles, and help brighten sallowness. CUSTOM YOUR PALETTE: These six creamy color correcting concealer shades are customizable! COVER AND CONCEAL: Layer and blend them to cover and conceal redness, blue tones, bruising, dark circles and yellowness on all skin tones and types. LIGHTWEIGHT FORMULA that glides on for an ultra-smooth finish and leaves skin feeling soft and supple.
Concealer Makeup Color Correcting Palette Lightweight Formula & Ultra-Smooth Finish


Great for imperfections on the face
This is great for imperfections on the face. I have used it several times so far. It can really be a lifesaver sometimes. I highly recommend.
this palette has everything you'll ever need to colour correct. my only issue with it, is it can get a little oily in the areas where it was applied under my makeup. otherwise, for the price you cant go wrong.
Perfect beginner pallet
I used this when I first started getting into make up and it worked wonders! Easy to apply , smooth out and blend. It corrects dark circles, red spots, and more! 10/10 recommend
Great Dupe for Mac Correctors
Hey there, makeup lovers! Let's talk about the NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Palette – it's a game-changer! This little palette packs a big punch with six creamy concealer shades that are like your personal color-correcting dream team. Whether it's pesky redness, dark circles, or sallowness you're dealing with, these shades got your back. It's lightweight heaven! It glides on smooth as butter, leaving your skin feeling like silk. So if you're looking to ace that flawless complexion, give this palette a whirl – trust me, you won't regret it! Great Dupe for MAC correctors.
Great Starter Color Correction
This is a great starter colour correction palette! It has four colour correctors and two tinted concealers. If you have multiple concerns (redness & dark under eyes) this is a great value. The formula is thick and creamy, and lasts well throughout the day. It's buildable and does not get cakey.
Great for pigmentation
Reasonably priced and great for all different types of discolouration. Would buy again
Covers light bruises and blemishes.
This palette was reasonably priced at a time when I really needed it. I had a face lift with a lot of bruising and this little guy worked on the lighter bruises. It does take a little practice.
would not repurchase
you need to have some basic knowledge of colour theory and colour correcting, don't use this freehand and willy-nilly. You need to dig kind of aggressively to get product to load onto your brush. Need to apply quite a few layers for colour payoff to render your desired correcting effect. The green doesn't quite cover up my redness, I need to go back and use other products. It also clings to any texture on your face because the formula is pretty waxy, so make sure you prep your skin extremely well before using this palette.
Best for covering acne spots
I’ve been using this product for 3 years now and have repurchased several times! I have acne prone skin and love using the green to help with redness. Easy to apply and products layer on nicely!
Cette palette est bien pour le prix qu’on paye! Elle me permet de corriger mes rougeurs, la pigmentation et mes cernes sous mon maquillage! La couleur cache-cerne est trop foncé pour moi et paraît sous mon maquillage donc je la mélange avec un autre cache cerne nyx plus pâle.
love love love!!
I have acne prone skin and this product did so well at helping me cover it up! It's so creamy and smooth to apply and blends so well with concealer/foundation. I also used this product to help cover up dark circles under my eyes and was so satisfied with the results! It's also pretty versatile in the way that you can use it for other purposes other than covering things up!
Can correct anything
This multi-use concealer is perfect for all skin toners. You have the ability to mix colours between the palettes to create the ideal colour for your skin type. I love the fact that this has a variety of colours and is long-lasting. It is my go-to for days that my skin tone is either red and/or uneven. I look forward to purchasing more from this brand.
nyx products are so popular, and I have never regretted buying them, I dont like these colours specifically, but that does not affect the quality of the product at all.
Fantastic and subtle effects
Very useful palette as long as you understand the colour theory. Creamy formula that blends easily but dries down very quickly to a nice matte finish that's perfect to layer other products on top of. Colours are very pigmented, especially the green, so you need less than you think to cover problem areas! An absolute staple in my makeup bag, and it's so affordable!
Couleur original
J'aime le fait que les couleurs sortent de l'ordinaire et son idéal pour toute les carnations, s'applique bien et dur assez longtemps.

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