Concealer Makeup Color Correcting Palette Lightweight Formula & Ultra-Smooth Finish

4.3 5 0 11 11 Treat your face to the NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Palette. These six creamy color correcting concealer shades are customizable! Layer and blend them to cover, conceal, and color correct the appearance of unwanted redness, blue tones, dark circles, and help brighten sallowness. CUSTOM YOUR PALETTE: These six creamy color correcting concealer shades are customizable! COVER AND CONCEAL: Layer and blend them to cover and conceal redness, blue tones, bruising, dark circles and yellowness on all skin tones and types. LIGHTWEIGHT FORMULA that glides on for an ultra-smooth finish and leaves skin feeling soft and supple.
Concealer Makeup Color Correcting Palette Lightweight Formula & Ultra-Smooth Finish


Learning curve is real
The positives of this palette are that it is affordable, all the shades are available, and the negatives are that you really need to understand the colour wheel and what each shade is used for. There is also not a lot of product, once you get past the learning curve it is a decent alternative to the more expensive brands.
Creamy and Great coverage!
It lasts a while, the colours don't work for dark skin but there's another colour palette available. The purple is the only unused shade, other than that the other shades work well in every situation. You can also use it as a base too for makeup.
Very opaque but effective
I have some red marks on my face that need some green to hide them. This does the trick. Since it has the other hues I have experimented and like it a lot.
Works, but can be cakey
This product works well for me if I use only a small amount, I find this product difficult to build up without it feeling dry and cakey. If I use too much it looks unnatural under my makeup. This product is definitely good for the price point considering it's so well priced.
Impressed with the results
I work shift work and sometimes the dark circles under my eyes get really bad from lack of sleep.Concealer alone wasnt enough to cover them so I bought this to try under my concealer. It worked wonders for me. I was actually really impressed with the results.
Affordable and effective!
Super pigmented and does the job really well. And for a great price!! I am a firm NYX advocate - all of their products are bomb.
works well
I do not wear a lot of make up, or wear make up very often, but this product works well to even out my complexion prior to adding a little blush and lipstick to my face. This applies easily and evenly, and works as expected.
This is not for my skin
I don't know what it is, but the colours on this palette did not match my skin type / colour. I tried using the colour correcting concealer and it ended up looking cakey and not great. It's probably that I don't know how to use it. It just didn't work for me.
First try with colour corrector
I’m new to colour correcting concealers so I don’t have much to compare it to. But for my skin and for what I wanted it for it has made a big difference. I have very dark circles under my eyes and blotchy pink cheeks so I thought I’d try this palette rather than buy all the colours separately which seemed pricey. Price is great to say it offers you 6 shades to combat various different skin discolourations. There’s only one shade I probably won’t use as it’s too dark (I’m super pale). The texture is nice, it’s creamy so it’s easy to apply and it even applies evenly on more mature skin with wrinkles and fine lines without caking. Its not heavy (perhaps a touch on the oily side), blends really well and doesn’t dry out. When I put my foundation on top it made a big difference to my bags! I’m having a lot of luck with Elf products lately, they are my go-to products on a budget.
very good
Hi there! Thank you for your interest. Our 3C Color Correcting Concealer Palette has a lightweight, non-creasing formula glides on for an ultra-smooth finish and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. The three steps pertaining to this product are Correct, Neutralize and Brighten. We hope you give it a try and love it as much as we do! XOXO
Wonderful dupe
I’ve used this recently and I’ve found it to be a pleasant dupe to the Lise Waiter colour correction pallets. Affordable, smooth and doesn’t dry to a dusty, wrinkly mess. Highly recommended

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