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Maynards Sour Patch Kids Bonbons à la Mangue
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Maynard's Mango Candies
Very tasty but you need pucker pour when you first put one in your mouth. After the initial flavour burst from the sourness, the mellow and become sweet like a mango. I tutor children and give them treats while we are studying and they love them, as do l.
Amazing Taste
The title should say all you need to know about this product. It tastes amazing and it's not too sour that your face disappears!
Not so Sour
They are actually really good not sour at all love them and Maynards red berries are good too .
Mango all the way
I was loving this flavour so much I ended up buying them for all my friends to try..YUMMY Tasted exactly like my fav fruit MANGO!! It's a MUST try!!
Mango sour patch kids
I bought these at Christmas time for my son who loves mango and he loved them. We love sour candies and thought the mango flavor were are favorite so far. Will definitely buy them again
Great Snack
These candies have the perfect amount of sour and mango flavour.
Favorite Maynard
Easily the best maynards candy I have ever tried. Beats everything from my childhood
Bon mais pas comme les autres
Le goût n’est pas aussi savoureux que les autres bonbons de la marque. Celui ci est difficilement comparable au goût de la mangue.
Delicious Snack
My go to snack when I go to a convince store and want something with a zing and a zang. Defiantly recommend this to candy lovers that want to try something a little bit different.
I like sour but not to sour so these are just right. The perfect match of sweet and sour when you’re in the mood for a little of both.
I love these I’m not big on sugar but I love these
My overall opinion of this product was that they were good. I actually enjoyed this product because it wasnt really sour like a lot of this companies products. The candies were fresh and actually tasted like mangos. I would recommend this product.
so fun & yummy
I bought this at a gas station, the attendant was as curious as I was so I shared one to taste...we both agreed this is one of our new favourite sour Gummies!
Taste and Texture Nice
I had these stored in cupboard for over a month as I forgot I bought them. Even after this time the candies remained soft and tasted great! the flavour is really mangoes.
Love these candies. Not to sour or sweet!! Maynard’s knows how to make candy!! We buy Maynard’s quite a bit! Love the different types of candies they make. Mango flavour is new and amazing always recommend to friends



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