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Maynards Sour Patch Kids Bonbons à la Mangue
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Wonderful, sweet candy
I'm a big mango fan, and this definitely does the flavour justice. Its a perfect blend of sour and sweet, giving you that perfect kick. As someone who also has dietary restrictions (this one had no gelatin), this is a pretty good option. The only drawback is the singular flavour in the pack. When you have friends and all over, its always nice to mix and match with other flavours (just in case mango isn't their thing).
Not a big mango fan
I'm definitely biased in this since I'm not a big mango fan. The mango flavor has to be a certain way for me to truly enjoy. These didn't hit the mark for me. Aside from the flavor they were a solid gummy.
Tasty Treat
If you like fuzzy Peach and mangos then you will LOVE these tasty Maynards mangos. They are so good its hard to put the bag down. Sour coating with a sweet mango centre
If you love mangos than this product you'll love. It looks very similar to the fuzzy peaches but instead of having a peachy taste you have mango instead.
A unique flavor
The mango taste is hard to reach at first with the sour, but as it gets sweeter, the mango taste comes out more. It has the same texture as a fuzzy peach and has the classic Maynards chew. These are highly addictive, you can't just have one!
Love mango
These are so yummy, i love sour gummies and i love mango this is a perfect candy for me. They are similar to a fuzzy peach.
Tangy and delicious
I love these, bite into a sour and sweet treat, I always have a hard time putting the bag down after just a few. Always go ba k for just 1 more.. I would highly recommend. I like a bit more sour but these do the trick.
Nice mango flavour!
I really enjoyed these gummies! At first they’re really sour but once you get over the initial shock they’re very enjoyable. Really nice mango flavour and not too overly sweet!
Sour patch kids
Les sour patch kids mangue ressemble à ceux au pèches avec une arrière goût différent. Ils restent quand même très bon.
Maynard's Mango Candies
Very tasty but you need pucker pour when you first put one in your mouth. After the initial flavour burst from the sourness, the mellow and become sweet like a mango. I tutor children and give them treats while we are studying and they love them, as do l.
Amazing Taste
The title should say all you need to know about this product. It tastes amazing and it's not too sour that your face disappears!
Not so Sour
They are actually really good not sour at all love them and Maynards red berries are good too .
Mango all the way
I was loving this flavour so much I ended up buying them for all my friends to try..YUMMY Tasted exactly like my fav fruit MANGO!! It's a MUST try!!
Mango sour patch kids
I bought these at Christmas time for my son who loves mango and he loved them. We love sour candies and thought the mango flavor were are favorite so far. Will definitely buy them again
Great Snack
These candies have the perfect amount of sour and mango flavour.



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