4,7 5 0 22 22 Au début ils sont acides. Puis ils deviennent sucrés.
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Not Sour Enough
I bought these Sour Patch candies bcuz I'm on the search for the most sour candy on the market. These were full of flavour and juicy but didn't have the sour kick I was looking for.
Me and my grandkids love these,I have them in my candy dish and they are gone in a flash
I love them, they have great taste and you keep eating them. Also first sour then they become nice a sweet. They do not need any improvements, they are super the way they are. Yes I would.
Love them
I bought them for my kids and they love them!! They where awesome!!
Great taste
I love how sweet they were. Just a little sour but still good.
Excellent Flavour!
These candies are soft and chewy with authentic mango flavour and, the best of both worlds...puckery at first followed by delicious sweetness. Perfect!
Tellement bon! Je suis en amour amour ces bonbons laaa!
sour & sweet
best of both worlds! sweet & sour. i love mango and loved these! a great late night snack. i would definitely recommend them.
It’s sweet and sour . These are the best yet from Maynard’s
Sucrément délicieux
J'en ai acheté hier midi comme petite collation sucrée et jai été agréablement surpris! Il faut aimer les bonbons sûr ! Moi j'adore ! Le goût de mangue est surprenant et délicieux. Un bonbon à la hauteur de sa marque.
Maynard’s Mango Candy
Tried these last night! I am not a huge mango fan as most times I will avoid it. My spouse bought the candy so I thought I would try some. Honestly they weren’t too bad . They have a sour taste at the beginning which isn’t overwhelming and gradually go Into a fruit taste as you eat the remainder of the candy.
Pleine de salive haha
Les bonbons sours patch kids juste milieu des bonsbons sur!!Je vois le sac et les glandes salives avant meme de l’avoir ouvert !!mouhaha! Je les adorent mais sans abus!!
Great candy
The first bite you get a sour taste but at the end it’s sour and delicious a must try
Good company and good product
Maynards always offers the best variety of candies and this is a unique and flavourful twist on an old favourite ( sour patch kids). This is a must-try for mango lovers. Unfortunately, it isn't available at all stores just yet, but I am hopeful that changes
Mouth watering chewy candy
Like all of Maynards candy, there is no shortage on flavour. Yummy chewy mango flavoured, hard to put down. Excellent flavour, kids and adults alike will love these!! Buy two!



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