4,5 5 0 33 33 Nous avons préparé notre création de protéines les plus salées et croustillantes. Sans gluten ni soja. Contient de vraies pommes de terre, de la crème acide, des oignons et des saveurs naturelles. Fabriqué avec des isolants de protéines de lactosérum et de lait de haute qualité.
QUEST NUTRITION - Chips protéinés style tortilla Nacho
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great flavour for protein product
I've tried numerous protein products and this one is by far the best in flavour! There is no terrible after taste, however I do believe the texture would could be improved. A little grainy! Otherwise amazing!
These are tasty
I do like these, they are tasty, but do not purchase regularly. I have to special order them in so they aren't as accessible and for the cost, not something that I would have as a staple in the house. BUT if I have a choice, i would choose these over regular potato chips any day.
My go to!
These are my favourites out of all the quest snacks, they’re just like regular chips to me, I just wish they were a little less expensive!
Protein snack
These chips are yummy and a great way to get in your protein while also enjoying a tasty treat. Perfect for an afternoon or evening snack.
Pro Snacker
Great way to meet your Marcos without missing out on crunchy snacks. Great flavours and textures.
Better than expected
These were surprisingly tasty. The texture was a bit different. But these were good. I purchase again
Good flavor tortilla chips.
These taste just like regular chips, only they are a bit more expensive. I am impressed with the nutritional value. 18g Protein *5g Carbs - 1g Fiber =4g Net Carbs I would recommend these to anyone!
Pretty Solid
Very good taste for a protein chip, the bag is a little small and I wish you could get them bigger but it is not really an issue.
Pour moi qui adore le salé et qui aime prendre soins de moi c’est le mélange parfaitttt !!!
Taste like chips!
These are a great alternative to chips! I wish the bag came a little bit more full but they taste good!
These taste amazing! Will purchase this product for sure
Love These
These are great and tastes good. Love that they contain protein.
The best
Really liked it. I will probably buy it again. Who knows.
So good. I sat there and ate the whole bag in a sitting. A bit pricey though.
I've been living the keto lifestyle for a while now and the one thing I really miss is chips. These Quest chips go above and beyond to quench my craving for a salty snack, and they fit well within my macros. I just wish they came in bigger bags!



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