Versed Baume nettoyant Dissolve Jour

4,6 5 0 32 32 Baume apaisant à base d'huile qui démaquille tout en nettoyant. Il se rince proprement et sans résidus et sent incroyable grâce au mélange purifiant d'huiles d'eucalyptus, de clou de girofle et de jojoba. Caractéristiques et avantages : la texture fondante élimine doucement le maquillage et les impuretés. L'huile d'eucalyptus apaisante et la vitamine E. Fabriquée pour tous les types de peau, en particulier les peaux sèches. Propre, sans cruauté envers les animaux.
Versed Baume nettoyant Dissolve Jour


My favourite cleansing balm
This product is absolutely amazing! It dissolves makeup so easily. I have quite sensitive skin, and this actually felt very calming on my skin. It also did not cause any pain/stinging in my eyes while I was removing my eye makeup.
Great daily cleanse!
As someone who wears light makeup every day, this product was good. It removed most of my makeup, and whatever left was washed out during my second cleanse. My light acne got better with this. I'd recommend this product!
good cleanser
I love how gentle this cleanser is on my skin. It doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances, and it's perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. It removes dirt and oil without stripping my skin of its natural oils.
It’s soooo Good :)
I really love this one, it’s super soft formula melts everything off even sunscreen, I do recommend adding water to your face to let the cleanser work it’s magic
Je l'adore
J'adore ce produit il laisse la peau douce avec un fragrance légere. Notre peau semble plus belle. Produit que je recommande
This is the best
I love the way this leaves my skin so soft. I was worried about using an oil on my face but I love this product. I also love the texture of the product, looks almost waxy in the container but almost melts into your fingers when you use it. You also can’t beat the Versed line price point. They are so affordable and actually work
Leaves me feeling clean and glowy
The price is right! Doesn't irritate my eyes and easily removes waterproof mascara. I personally enjoy the smell of eucalyptus, so it doesn't bother me at all. Love this product!
This cleansing balm is not only refreshing but it is also very soothing. Unlike other makeup removers this product has natural oils and vitamins that leave your skin feeling and looking refreshed! It also does a great job as removing mascara and other make up products! I would highly recommend.
A little goes a long way. Gently removes all my makeup, without leaving a greasy residue.
it’s good when you have big makeup like an halloween makeup or glitter
neat Product
well it handles well for what I use it for. keeps me looking sharp.
Very good, but cheaper alternatives are out there
This product does exactly what you want it to do. Effectively removes makeup. It does have a strong smell to it, and there are cheaper alternatives out there that work just as well. Can be considered a bit unsanitary as there is no scoop included to get the product, you need to use your fingers. Over all it works well, but I'd spend my money elsewhere.
First and only balm
My skin care routine changed when I started using this. I’ve never used a product like this before but the ease of use, the smell, the removal of every stitch of make up is beyond anything I could have anticipated. I would recommend every day of the week!
So clean!
This cleansing balm really dissolves all your makeup. Love the eucalyptus scent which is not overpowering. I use to to take off my makeup and follow up with another cleanser to make sure pores are clean and free of dirt and oil.
Great but avoid eyes!
This product dissolves makeup really well on the face, but there's a tingly feeling when near the eyes. Great to remove foundation, sunscreen etc. but not the best for mascara.


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