Harry’s Men’s Face Wash

4,5 5 0 28 28 Le nettoyant pour le visage Harry’s produit une généreuse mousse qui déloge les impuretés. Grâce à des exfoliants naturels à base de roche volcanique, il est suffisamment doux pour être utilisé sur une base quotidienne sans craindre un desséchement de la peau.
Harry’s Men’s Face Wash


Gentle face face
I am a woman and sometimes I dive into men products just to see if they will work better than the products I use. This face wash is gentle, but nothing too great either especially for the price point.
Great Face Wash
Purchased this for my son. He loved it! Said that it smelled good and left his face feeling refreshed.
Husband is a huge fan!
My husband loves the peppermint. Its very soothing. He's a huge fan! I will definitely be repurchasing this for him.
I like Harry’s razors better…
I received the Harry’s face wash as a package when my family switched to Harry’s razors. The face wash was ok, but it wasn’t my favourite. I also found it to be a bit expensive for a fairly unknown face wash brand. I really do love their razors though!
Very Refreshing
We love Harry's Brand! Before it come out to retailers we had a subscription, not only does my husband use it, i use it too! It's very soothing & refreshing. It's packaging is in tub for which conventional to use & easy to store, also has a good shelve life! Now back to the product, any other he has tried broke his out, he has very sensitive skin & this works best for him! We are big fans of Harry's!
Strong fragrance
My husband uses this and it works well for him! I am sensitive to scents, so the fragrances are a bit strong, but definitely not unpleasant. Overall, it's a great price for a solid product.
Nice Product, Good Value
I bought this product for my husband a few months ago and he tends to use it only in the shower but it has a very pleasant lively scent of the peppermint and it does not leave his skin dry after use. It also has not caused any break outs. I would purchase this product again.
Unveiling Freshness
n my pursuit of a simplified yet effective skincare routine, I recently explored Harry's Men's Face Wash—a new venture for the brand renowned for its quality shaving products. This review aims to dissect the nuances of this face wash and its impact on the daily grooming ritual. Packaging and Portability: Harry's Men's Face Wash arrives in a sleek navy blue tube, a perfect fusion of simplicity and sophistication. The 5.07-ounce size strikes an ideal balance for both home use and travel, encapsulating the brand's commitment to convenience and longevity. Texture and Fragrance: Upon dispensing, the face wash reveals a smooth, gel-like consistency that effortlessly glides onto the skin. What immediately captivates the senses is the invigorating fragrance—a subtle infusion of herbal and citrus notes. This refreshing scent sets the tone for a delightful start to the skincare routine.
Love how this makes my skin feel!
Harry’s Men’s Face Wash is a gentle and effective cleanser that contains natural ingredients that exfoliate and moisturize the skin. It has a nice texture and a pleasant scent, and it prepares the skin for shaving. It is suitable for all skin types, but especially for those who have oily or combination skin. I have been using it for a while and I am very impressed with it. I rate it 5 out of 5 stars.
Very strong peppermint scent, its great
My father has used this face for only 2 weeks now and loves it already. So I thought id try it too.. it’s great! It’s great if you prefer a light cleanser. The minty smell makes me feel fresh in the morning
I like it
It is an amazing product, gives you soothing feeling on your face . Good for men . Would definitely love to buy and recommend my friends too.
Great Face Wash
"Harry's Men's Face Wash is a game-changer! The rich lather and natural exfoliants leave my skin feeling clean, refreshed, and ready for a smooth shave. The eucalyptus and peppermint scent is invigorating. A must-have for any guy's grooming routine!"
Strong scent
Oh boy, is there a strong scent in this one! It does a decent job of cleaning the face but the smell of peppermint is strong and it does linger. It was a miss, but not a total failure.
Safe for sensitive skin
Great product for sensitive skin. Lathers on nicely for good coverage.
Très efficace
Pour avoir testé plusieurs produits similaires, c'est dans les bons de catégorie. Odeur agréable, bonne sensation de nettoyage, n'irrite pas la peau avec un usage régulier. Forte

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