4.5 5 0 47 47 The pond’s institute has added the goodness of honey and milk protein to your favourite cold cream. Winters get your skin rough and dry and feeling stretched out. To avoid damage to your skin during the winters – however mild or harsh – your skin need moisturization.
Pond's Honey and Milk Protein Face Cream
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Loved it
It is a really good moisturizer for people who have extremely dry skin it is not a very thin consistency which will go away in a while but it builds a layer which will make you feel moistured!
Best friend for winters
This was my best friend for this winter. This is the first time I bought it and every penny paid off. Made my skin soft and plump. I even used it at night and was so comfortable to use.
Nice cream
This milk protein cream is very nice and smooth also
Why this one?
Hello :) Ponds have been the best when it comes to cold creams :) i use these in winters to avoid dry flaky skin which is irritating. This cream warms up the skin and makes it soft :) its great for winter cold :)
Face Cream Review
This item is an extremely pleasant dependable item. it is skin neighborly .its extremely valuable in winter I 'll prescribe to every individual attempt this item .its extremely decent.
safe for care
Since childhood Pond's cold cream is a must in our household during the winter months. We have been using Pond's cold cream generation after generation-my grandmother, my mother and myself. Enriched in honey and milk protein Pond's cold cream is the best ever care for our skin. It gives the skin a soft feeling.Very nice product 👌must try 👍 Very nice product skin becomes soft.everyone,,The pond’s institute has added the goodness of honey and milk protein to your favourite cold cream. Winters get your skin rough and dry and feeling stretched out.
Review of ponds cold cream
Like this one, makes your skin soft and smooth in winter
❤️Mind blowing of👌smell Honey🍯 and milkk 🥛
❄️❤️👌PONDS is a trusted international brand. Their beauty products are awesome. This is cold cream with honey and milk extract. This is specially made for winter season. But i don't feel anything special. After one month winter season is starting in India. So take precautions for your skin. I am not recommended for outside India,because their minus degree. ❄️❤️ If this review helpful to you please touch helpful button. This is very helps to me do more reviews🙏
Too oily
Did not like it. Made my skin feel too oily and shiny
it was good
i love this brand and cream for face.......................................
This products is very nice long lasting product . it is skin friendly .its very useful in winter i 'll recommend to each person try this product .its really nice.
This product avoids damage to your skin during the winters and also moisturizes the skin. It is a very nice and good product for dry skin
This product is best product dove This product is very good for body
Very nice product....for all skin types....feel nice on skin...not greasy
The product is really skin friendly and suits for sensitive skins too. It makes my skin glow and feel fresh the whole day

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