slurrp Millet Noodles - Yummy Masala

5 5 0 3 3 Introducing Slurrp Millet Noodles - Yummy Masala flavor! Made from a blend of jowar and whole wheat, these noodles are air-dried, not fried, making them a healthier choice. They are travel-friendly, super easy, and quick to make.
slurrp Millet Noodles - Yummy Masala


Healthy substitute
Healthy and nutrients filled required for the daily dose.Gives a double dose of energy fulfilling the taste buds as well as the nutrition chart requirements.Do try and enjoy.
Tasty and healthy
Best healthy noodles for the kids in the market with a perfect balance of taste...make it more healthy by adding veggies of kids kids love eating this...must be made single packet sales also as there is only pack of 4 available
Millet Noodles
A perfect alternative to the conventional Refined flour noodles, healthy, tasty and equally delicious a snack option for kids and adults alike

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