Aiken prebiotic hydra plus

4.6 5 0 52 52 Formulated with Natural Prebiotic from France and Rice Water from Korea, AIKEN Hydra Plus range is proven to naturally boost skin hydration internally and externally.
Aiken prebiotic hydra plus


I love it!
I am so satisfied with this product. I have a dry skin so i need to moisturise and hydrates my skin often and this product works like magic! I'd surely recommend this to all of my friends!
Good try!
I am satisfied with this product. Although my skin does not really suit this product but i think it does it work. It does hydrate skin. But i hope it would be more gentle on problematic skin like mine. Overall! Worth a try!
Best Best Best Best
I tried this product due to lots of positive reviews it received. Really hydrating! non sticky and does not break me out.
This product doesn’t work on my face. Too sticky for my liking and causes breakouts. I saw Niacinamide is one of the ingredients so maybe those with oily skin will enjoy this, but dry sensitive skin might want to stay away from this. Yet again, own preference ya.
Itss make my skin super hydrated andd it really really works to reduce my redness scarr and spot on cheeksss really happy if i can get it for my stockk sebab dah nak hbiss dah dahh
Jenama ni viral di tiktok, jadi saya pun cuba sekali memang terbaik rasa ringan je macam tak pakai apa apa dekat muka lepastu dalam dua minggu macam tu rasa lah ada perubahan sikit dekat muk
Worth the hype
I really love this product. It’s definitely worth the hype and it makes my skin better than before. If I’m not mistaken, this is the new line from aiken and i totally love it so much !
Hydrate my skin
I love this essence from Aiken . I can feel my skin are completely hydrate . I like the most because the texture are easy to absorb to your skin.
In love!
This product is totally good for my skin because it keeps my skin hydrated through out the night. Thumbs up for this product
I’ve been using HL brand for years before i know about this product. It’s has similar ingredients but cheaper in price. I have dry skin, this product hydrates my skin very well
Best essence !
The product is quite cheap with better quality. Really like the texture of the essence. This essence can complete with others korean skincare brands. 10/10
Compatible with HL brand
The ingredients and texture is compatible with brand HL, but with lower price. I have dry skin and I can the difference after using it, my skin didn't dry anymore.
Good product
Feedback yg sentiasa bagus dari pengguna..recommended👍
Aiken Prebiotic Essence Water
This essence water is fragrance-free and does not contain other harmful chemicals. It leaves a silky feeling on the skin. I also like its low price point. I will definitely recommend this to interested buyers.
Aiken plus beauty product best product in malaysia

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