Sebamed Pro! Energizing Cream

4.6 5 0 5 5 The energizing care complex in Sebamed Pro Energizing Cream promotes regeneration of skin aging signs. It improves skin firmness and resilience, reduces lines and wrinkles.
Sebamed Pro! Energizing Cream


sebamed is the best
Sebamed have 3 range for the pro range. highly recommended if using all the range. so this energizing cream can Improve skin, firmness and tension, Reduces fine wrinkles and lines,Counteracts loss of elasticity and moisture. Affordable price
I first tried Sebamed when looking for a lotion that didn't aggravate my daughter's eczema. I used their lotion and it helped clear her eczema up. I have extremely sensitive, adult acne-prone skin so I thought I would give this a shot. For a month or two, it worked amazingly and I thought my skin looked better than it had in a while and I had fewer breakouts. It then suddenly stopped working well for me - as many others have - and I have since stopped using it. However, if that weren't the case I would still be using it. It is a nice, light moisturizer with a pleasant, clean smell (in my opinion). It isn't a heavy-duty moisturizer so if your skin is really dry this may not work that well. But if you have normal to oily sensitive skin I would give this a try. Overall, I think Sebamed makes some top-notch products.
Energizing cream
After applying Sebamed Pro energizing cream, my skin looks more brighter and more healthy. It fights the effects of daily aggressors for more healthy and youthful-looking skin.
Good to use
Seba Med's product is made of safe and natural ingredients, thus, It is Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and clinically proven to respect sensitive skin. I like using it to brighten my skin.
Energizing cream
Seba med skin care is suit to sensitive skin, It is gentle on skin without causing any dryness and irritation. After applying, my skin texture looks more even and younger looking.

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