4.4 5 0 12 12 Freshen up & stay protected this summer with the all new Tokyo Inspired Summer Limited Edition Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence Cool with SPF50+PA++++. You will definitely love it’s refreshing cool sensation with watery hydrating texture. Made ideal for daily usage for your 360-beauty radiance protection.
Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence Cool with SPF50+PA++++
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Awesome, love it
Love their lightweight texture.. easily absorbs on my skin and non greasy at all.. this sunblock also provide strong and long lasting double block effect and i love the cool feeling after applied on my skin..
Light weight texture
I like this sunblock as its texture is lightweight and smooth, it leave my skin fresh and non greasy, its coverage is lasting and even. I highly recomend this to those who like light weight sunblock.
Smells citrus-y and it is very lightweight! Can barely feel anything throughout the day. Recommended for all skin types!
i really love this sunscreen which doesn't has the sticky texture and it has cool feeling when i apply it
Non sticky SPF
I like its texture, it is a lightweight texture Sunblock, the watery texture and yet can protect from sunlight for long hours. My skin is fresh and comfort, I m very satisfy with this product.
Biore UV
The texture so watery.When apply on face it so watery and moisture.Even after 4 to 6 hours use it, the face still keep moisture and fresh.
Love the texture of the sunscreen. It is very easy to apply and absorbs into the skin super fast. Not sticky at all. It leaves cool effect to the skin for few minutes. It does it jobs as sunscreen. Very affordable as well.
Affordable, Good product
I've been using this sunblock for almost three years and so far I think that this sunblock is one of the most high quality sunblock that I've used. One bottle of sunblock can last me for almost 3 months. Did not leave white cast & is not oily to the skin.
Aqua rich watery essence
Best sunblock ever. Not have white cast. Fully absorbed. Recommend.
Suitable for my acne prone skin
Not oily at all. As though it immediately being absorbed into my skin. No problem applying makeup after that. Definitely will re-purchase. Highly recommended for anyone with or without oily skin.
Good product
The best ! Purchase it when guardian offer 2nd buy rm1.. Because my is oily skin. Some others sunblock not suitable and when i apply it. Acne will popped out. But for this sunblock. Awesome ! And for sure. I will repeat it when finish
Saya teringin untuk mencuba produk ini .. saya ingin menguna produk uv yang murah dan berpatutan .. saya harap saya dapat tester tersebut dan jika saya dapat saya akan promote
Jika diberi peluang saya ingin mencuba product ini kerana saya sedang mencari sublock yang murah dan berpatutan. Berdasarkan harganya saya rasa ia agak murah juga.
saya telah mencuba produk ini tapi cukan yg cool.. saya cuba untuk bertukar ke produk ini.

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