Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence Cool with SPF50+PA++++

4.6 5 0 58 58 Freshen up & stay protected this summer with the all new Tokyo Inspired Summer Limited Edition Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence Cool with SPF50+PA++++. You will definitely love it’s refreshing cool sensation with watery hydrating texture. Made ideal for daily usage for your 360-beauty radiance protection.
Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence Cool with SPF50+PA++++


Sunscreen ni best gila pakai sebab takda white cast so tak nampak la muka tu kelabu asap macam sunscreen yang ada dekat pasaran. Pastu dia cepat serap and kulit jadi glowing. Also dia moistkan kulit.
Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence
Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence is easy to use, The lightweight formula of this sunscreen is impressive. My skin can breathe freely while still being shielded from the sun's harmful rays.
Cooling light weight sunscreen
i like the refreshing, lightweight formula, this is a chemical sunscreen that leaves absolutely no white cast when applied. absorbs well, and does not cake foundation application, blends beautifully. this contains alcohol but for me it does not feel drying. this and the normal watery essence sunscreen is one of my go to when looking for gel watery light weight effective sunscreen. additional plus point is that its affordable and easily available online , pharmacies and stores.
Nice sunblock
I have repeated this sunblock for a few times because the texture is very nice and watery. Most important part is it doesn't feel sticky at all on your face. I really recommended it!
Light sunscreen
As the weather is hot and shiny light sunscreen is suitable for me as I dislike thick sunscreen.
Cool and light sun protection!
I usually use the normal one without the cooling effect but I wanted to try this since it's super humid out these days. Leaves a nice cooling effect on the skin and it's got a good amount of SPF. Will purchase again!
Great for Oily & Acne-Proned Skin !
As this sunscreen is water-based, it does not leave any white cast on our faces. Besides, it is super lightweight and does not make my face look oily unlike other sunscreen.
Superb protection from the sun
We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen before you go out. This product is my fav ! Lightly scented,easy to apply and absorbed well by the skin. It does'nt dry up my skin and blends well with my other skincare.
Non greasy sunscreen
Live this sunscreen where it is not greasy amd the price is also reasonable.
Easy to purchase
Product is easy to be purchased . The texture is also suits all skin types
Biore UV essence is made of natural and origin ingredients, its texture is watery and non greasy, after applying it, It makes my skin fully hydrated and moisturized, I feel pretty fresh and cool.
Definitely suits sensitive skin but it leaves the skin a bit sticky after use. Overall, it is great
good sunscreen
overall its nice, especially for dry skin since its a little bit moisturising but one thing i don’t really like this product is that the finishing is a little stickier. But afterall its a good product that came with the price we pay
Love it.
Love it because my face look like I’m not wearing anything. It’s light & it has nice subtle smell. Easy to use & perhaps it will be nice if it can come in pumping bottles.
good product
I love this product very much because I feels refreshing after using it and not stiky at all. The point is that my face is sensitive and I won’t get acne after using it.

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