Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut

4.5 5 0 23 23 Enjoy the unique combination of your favorite creamy chocolate with fragrant pandan and aromatic coconut. Perfect for sharing and own consumption.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut


Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut
Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut sangat sedap, perisa Asia kena dengan cita rasa Malaysia. Sekali makan pasti nak lagi. Saya shorkan pada kawan untuk membeli coklat ini.
Cadbury lover
I like trying new and different type of food, this Cadbury's Pandan coconut flavor is special and unique, the pandan taste is quite match the milky chocolate, It is not weird at all.
Pandan Coconut
Rasa yang berbeza dari coklat sebelumnya. Rasa sangat Malaysia dan sesuai untuk rakyat Malaysia
New taste
I am not so like Cadbury's dairy milk with pandan coconut, the taste is a bit weird, the chocolate taste is covered by the heavy and strong pandan and coconut taste, I will not buy again.
I love Pandan
I'm a chocoholic and pandan flavour is my favourite flavour even my room smell like pandan. This is my dream came true!
Asian Delight
I surprisingly liked it more than i thought i would. Love the hint of pandan, and if you love coconut, then you'll enjoy the little bits in this chocolate bar.
Asian delight taste
This pandan coconut chocolate by Cadbury was so tasty. It is different from other flavor that currebtly in market. The pandan taste blend verywell with the coconut flavour. My family love it unique taste.
A new taste of chocolate.
very nice. Not too sweet and a new taste of chocolate. My family love it.
i loveee it
Honestly, its really delicious. It perfect for my taste bud ahahahahah. Try the combination of this melted choco and bread. Perfect. Tapi, lama2 makan muak juga, so btter share with your family.
This is good
The chlorate taste is so good! yes I will buy it again
I ate lots of Cadbury chocolates but this one it's different it's so delicious when you eat it you want some more you don't get enough of it its ncaaa
The taste was great with the coconut flavour
Saya suka rasanya
Not too sweet & light taste. I like it very much
rasa enak shingga mjilat jari & sunguh2 enak sekali .. sbb rasa sedap .
A taste that everyone would love
At first it was a doubt of buying it or not. After trying it, it was finished within seconds by my family. I went back to the store to buy more bars.

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