Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut

4.4 5 0 47 47 Enjoy the unique combination of your favorite creamy chocolate with fragrant pandan and aromatic coconut. Perfect for sharing and own consumption.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut


Unique flavour
Sesuai untuk pencinta pandan, terutamanya golongan peringkat umur 40an keatas. Kombinasi yang terbaik!
good product
Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut rasa sedap dengan rasa pandan yang wangi. coklat cadbury yang agak manis sama dengan yang lain. sesuai untuk seisi keluarga. kelainan sedikit dengan bau pandan
First time trying pandan chocolate . Very delicious
A bit too sweet.
The chocolate is what you would expect from Cadbury. The pandan aroma is wonderful and you can certainly taste the desiccated coconut. However, it is too sweet for me.
A delicious combination of chocolate with pandan
The perfect combination of chocolate with dried coconut bits and pandan creates unique fragrant smell and super creamy.
Coklat ni sedap sama macam coklat Cadbury yang lain. Cuma nya saya kurang minat dengan kelapa yang dicampurkan sekali. Hehe overall semua nya ok
love the coconut flavour
love this new Pandan Coconut flavor from Cadbury, its not too sweet and loving the fragrant pandan scent and also coconut.
Onde-onde in a chocolate bar form
As sweet as the Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar with a scent of pandan and packed with the dessicated coconut.
Lovely Pandan Taste
The first bite I had, remind me of Melaka traditional kueh called onde onde. I love the taste of pandan mixed with coconut. Kept it for 3 days, as I had it while travelling on my honeymoon.
Unique taste of Cadbury Milk Pandan Coconut
Then first though coming to my mind the viral pandan came into chocolate, what more it could offer. But I was wrong. The moment I tear the chocolate packing, the smell of pandan came to my sense. And I ate the fusion Pandan Coconut chocolate. Well, you should try and share it with your friends too.
gabungan yg menarik
lain dari yg lain ..sedappp combination pandan
Bau pandan kuat sgt
Bauan pandan kuat sangat.. kelapa parut ranggup jua.. tapi bagi ok lah... Sedap jua...
New taste
With its Pandan coconut creamy cream chocolate, There are produced and selected according to particularly strict quality specifications for the perfect chocolatey taste. it quite match the taste.
Authentic taste
It taste good with Pandan essence and also with coconut flakes in between of the chocolate. It gives extra flavour and good texture for this chocolate. Recommend to try this one. Eat while cold ya!!
Pandan flavor never fail
Yes. Pandan flavour never fail to attract people from trying. It never fail to make people feel. In love with them. In cakes, ice creams, desserts and drinks. Now, it's in a cadbury chocolate. Why not? A must try for me and I just love it!

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