Chek Hup Brown Sugar Milk Tea

0 5 0 0 4 A drink that is rich in fiber. Blended with imported black tea, which has no artificial tea flavoring. Contained intensified taste with a deep caramel smell of Brown Sugar.
Chek Hup Brown Sugar Milk Tea


My favourite drink is milk tea especially 'Teh Ais' but this product I never try it out yet and never found in any stores so far. Will definitely buy later.
Warna dan pembungkusannya sangat menarik. Kita sedia maklum minuman teh tarik merupakan minuman popular rakyat Malaysia; jadi dengan produk hebat ini saya ingin mencubanya dan merasai keunikan produk ini.
Saya belum mencuba produk ini lagi, tetapi saya amat tertarik untuk mencuba nya. Nampak sangat menyelerakan.
I like to try it please send me samples of the product

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