3.4 5 0 27 27 Embrace yourself with this exclusive Limited Halloween Edition Ghost Pepper flavoured cola drink! Try it and see if you are brave enough to challenge this super spicy drink.
Ghost Pepper Cola
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Cola with Chilli Powder
The drink tasted like having chilli powder inside your soft drinks. It hurts your nose when you smell it, better to down it without breathing. It taste like normal coke when you first sip it, but you will sure feel the heat at your throat when you swallow it.
One word to describe this product. When you think the smell makes you sneeze, try drinking it. The spiciness will hit your throat as a after taste. Drink at your own risk.
Walaupun tak pernah dapat test product tapi saya nak review yang product ni pedas yak mat boleh kebas lidah..Kalau sape nak buat challlenge sesuai laa boleh tambahkan followers
what u see is what u get
what u see is what u get definately answer how does thisdrink taste. i doesn't suit to my tastebud. taste a bit weird and have those tanggy taste which a bit weird to me.
Hurt my throat
It is not recommended ,not advisable to try it . I think it could only harm us but a little should be just fine .
Can't even finish the drink
Gladly I took only a sip because my friend drink that and coughing as her face also red and she regretted it. A sip of it tastes cola at first then it drew to hotness. Overall, I thought this is brilliant ideas but can improvise by the taste
Air ni tak la pedas, tapi mungkin gas yang kuat dan bau dari cili to. Sedap bila diminum ketika sejuk. Yang agak tak tahan pedas jangan cuba ok
Not suitable for those didn't like spicy things
Soft drink with spicy flavor not suitable at all. How come drinks can taste spicy .
Spicy cola ever
It my first time drinking something that is so spicy... I don't know how they are inspired to make the spicy drink like this... But its cool.. the combination of cola flavor and the spicy pepper is rare and great to try..
Pedas lagi sambal belacan dari air. Pasti kan betul-betul sejuk sebelum menikmati. Segar dan akan ulang beli lagi
its taste like adding chilli into the normal coca cola drink. it is weird to drink and very very very spicyyyyyyyyy for me. I share with my family member also cannot finish it.
tak sedap langsung air pedas
air pedas tak akan hilang kan dahaga ... sesuai untuk orang yang suka kan air pedas
Taste spicy
It taste spicy end of the taste, no cola taste at all.. Buy 1 set together with ramen but we shared around 4 people cos can't finish at all.. But enjoy to try this kind interesting product..
Pedas pedas
Yang suka menu pedas pedas ni, mesti cuba. Bagi saya memang pedas, tapi ada juga rasa sikit manisnya
Pedas gilaa.. Sesuai untuk yang suka kepedasan...tapi ada manis di hujung² rasa nya.. Tidak sesuai untuk mengalami masalah perut...

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