4.8 5 0 19 19 Sensodyne Sensitivity and Gum with its dual action formula works to actively build a layer over sensitive areas of teeth, so as to protect teeth against sensitivity, while targeting and removing plaque bacteria that can cause swollen gums, bad breath and other gum problems.
Sensodyne Sensitivity and Gum
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Bad experience
I've try this because I've sensitive gum when pregnant but each time i put the paste on my tooth brush n brush my teeth i felt there is chemical reaction feel warm a bit.. it make my front tooth become more sensitive..
Untuk gigi yang bersih
Bagus untuk pernafasan yang segar. Sesuai digunakan untuk seisi keluarga
Bagus untuk gigi sensetif
Bagus utk gigi sensetif. Ia juga boleh mengurangkan rasa nyilu pd gigi dan memutihkan gigi
Ouch bye bye
After using it, i can basically be worry free when i dig in ice creams or bite on ice cubes. Its like i got a guard on.
Best for sensitive
I switched to this after i found out i have tooth sensitivity, and this works really well, and im still stick to this paste. best for tooth sensitivity and gum
Reduce my pain
I bought this product recently when I was suffering from swollen gums. Helps ease my pain and make my teeth whiter. I like the taste of the toothpaste and it also reduce my sensitive teeth problem.
Teeth less sensitive
It's really help me to fight my sensitive teeth. My teeths became less sensitive. The effect also quite long lasting.
Gigi saya dan sudah tidak berdarah lagi ketika memberus. Highly recommended
Best toothpaste
I was suffering from swollen gums.after using this sensodyne sensitivity and gum it helps ease my pain. I really like this toothpaste
Value for money
I am a coffee lover, thus my teeth is a bit yellowish. After using it, my teeth yellowish reduce.. Still have, but it doesnt get worse, and i can observe it is reduce. Will continue using this!
Excellent when you have swollen gums
I bought this product recently when I was suffering from swollen gums. Helps ease my pain and at least, allow me to have a decent meal which seems impossible before the use of this product.
Sy dh start rasa ngilu bila minum ais. Dgn review dr orang ramai mrmbuatkan sy ingin mencuba produk ini.. Bila mncuba sy dapati sy dah xrasa ngilu bila minum ais. Mmg berpuas hati walaupun baru pakai beberapa hari..
Sgt memuaskan
Sy dan suami telah mencubanya.Dan ia sgt memuaskan.sebelum ni suami mengalami gigi berlubang.setelah menggunakan hampir sebulan ternyata tiada lg sakit gigi terutamanya semasa mengunyah
No more pain
When I’m using this particular toothpaste, I can eat ice cream without feeling the pain. This tooth paste also mild in flavours which not overwhelming minty taste.
Sensitive Gum
This is my husband favourite toothpaste, and mine too

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