April Skin Cover Fit Refill Pack Cushion 22

4.4 5 0 6 6 经临床测试,Perfect Magic Cover Fit Cushion提供24小时持久遮瑕和补水。注入透明质酸的粉底液能够有效提亮肌肤。
April Skin Cover Fit Refill Pack Cushion 22


Moist and good coverage
The cushion is very moisturising and has very good coverage. It is able to cover my acne scars without making my makeup cakey. #22 is a great tone for my skin as it has a pinkish hue and looks more natural.
Fast and Easy Foundation
This is my favourite on the go foundation because it’s easy to use & energy & time saving make up option for busy person like me. Product outcome is acceptable, provides needed coverage on face, not too sticky & light-weight. Easy to remove (recommended to use make up remover tho) I wish it could be cheaper for the amount of the product.
Okay product
Okay product for it's price. The colour suit my skin tone. Not suitable for dry & humid environment. In air conditioning environment like office is superb.
Best foundation ever
I think this Is one of the foundation that I use for a long time coz it have a very cute cussion and it very good to apply to all type of skin and can give u very happy result to your skin coz it's can observe to our skin smoothly..
For those yang suka good coverage foundation better pakai ni. Lagi satu senang nak apply sebab jenis cushion kan. Texture dia tak melekit dan senang merasap. Recommended.


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