Kit Kat Gold Ice Cream

4.3 5 0 85 85 新年期间,不如在家中享用这款全新的KITKAT Gold Ice Cream,让您在春节期间感受到浓浓的年味。浓郁的威化口味冰淇淋涂上浓郁的白巧克力,再撒上豪华的焦糖片和酥脆的KitKat Wafer,简直让人欲罢不能。
Kit Kat Gold Ice Cream


kitkat gold
i liked it, but i liked the chocolate flavor more. those who want mild flavors must try it.
Just nice
I like all kit kat products, i love this too but not my favorite, it is just nice
Ice cream lover
I like Kit Kat products,I have tried this new product from Kit Kat, I prefer the Chocolate flavor as the taste is more rich and thick, this Gold Kit Kat ice cream is a bit mild.
Less sweet
I like this ice cream. Less sweet covered with white cocolate and crunchy caramel add texture. The ice cream inside very creamy
I like Kit Kat
I like Kit Kat chocolate, I am Kit Kat fans. I like this Kit Kat GOld white chocolate ice cream, it is coated with white chocolate and some crispy stuff, the sweetness is just nice.
good snack
the texture is smooth, white chocolate part is very crunchy. but it is a bit too sweet for me.. just nice for sweet tooth craving once a while.
Litkat gold superb
Its good icecream but dont eat ot always because its quite sweet .i love the crubchinest of the outside coated layer it was the bomb
Nice Snack
New, products, first time try. Nice flavour and luv it..
Sedap gilaaaaa!! i love the crunchiness of the flakes. goes extremely well with the smoothness of the ice cream! Tastewise, rasa mewah. But those who dont like sweet may not favour it as much as i do, because its really sweet.
Crispy Chocolate 👍🏻 Strong flavor 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
i dah pernah makan dua kali. manis but i like it.. i hope i can eat again
My all time fave snacks
I love ice cream, this Kit kat ice cream which coated with white chocolate and some crunchy cookies is nice, the taste is rich, the texture is smooth and the size is just nice.
No ice cream can beat this Kit Kat ice cream
It’s very sweet suitable for those who is low on sugar hahaha. The crust is so crunchy, has the taste of caramel and blend so well with the vanilla cream. Would give a 1000/100 for the taste!
Crunchy outside. Creamy malty taste inside.
I have been buying this weekly since I first tasted it. Its quite addictive! The outer shell is crunchy and really adds uniqueness to this Kit Kat Ice Cream. Compared to the normal Kit Kat Ice Cream version, the creamy insides has a stronger malt taste, almost like Horlicks. It can be sweet for those who are not a sweet-tooth. But I'd say give it a try and you might get hooked on like me!
A healhty ice cream
Compare to other brands ice cream, Kit kat ice cream is much more healthy, it is light and yet tasty, the outer parts is filled with oats / cereal which is more healthier and tasty.


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