SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker

4.6 5 0 22 22 The Spirit Sparkling Water Maker turns water into sparkling water in seconds and is designed to capture the essence of SodaStream’s original machines while incorporating a new slimmer design to fit beautifully in any modern day kitchen. The Spirit Sparkling Water Maker comes with one CO2 cylinder and one carbonating bottle so you can make your favourite sparkling drinks instantly.
SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker


Love it
Super convenient, can buy different flavours to add to the water. When u run outta gas u just swap the bottle at miter10 but it lasts ages! It’s a favourite in my house
Soda maker
Love the flavours available and the sizes of the bottle, quick and easy to use
Love love my machine as my 3 year old calls it lol .im a HUGE fan of sparkling water so use it more for just fizz water than soda. My kids also love using it for their soda pop.
Kid friendly
Easy to use love that you can get so many flavors, however it does make a bit of mess after releasing the gas. My kids live being able to do it themselves though.
Soda stream
Good product overall. Convient as you can make different flavour drinks or soda water. We use our soda stream daily. Only issue, sometimes it is difficult to screw bottle to the machine.
Marvellous but
In every way except one I love this product. The loss of one star is because sometimes, despite pushing the bottle up as far as it will go and clicking the plastic guide out towards me, the bottle will leak and spray around the area of the unit. This is not the initial problem where I did not realize I had to push the bottle as far as it would go, this is despite doing so. Otherwise, this is a great product producing marvelous carbonated water and I love the lemon and lime drops that add just that little bit of flavor. And it makes me very happy not to be filling our recycle barrel with either aluminum cans or plastic bottles..
I have tried this product in a friend's house and is simply fantastic. I would love to have one of this because definitely worth it.
Bubbly Water
Love our soda stream machine. Great for summer to fancy up tap water. But versatile also with flavours to make mixers.
Great go to
Love having this appliance in the house. Such a simple go to when we feel like something fizzy! Throw some cordial in a cup or lemon juice, add water and it makes a great combination!!
Love our side water
Great option if you have a household that likes fizzy drink! Tap water and add the bubbles and a squeeze of lemon or lime and it’s so refreshing! It’s nice to have on hand when guests come over too.
Quick and easy
This is a great little machine to have at home for quick and easy drinks. I often have just fizzy water with freshly cut lemon slices for a quick but the favours that are now available to purchase are so good.
Great for fizzy drinks and not creating plastic waste. My only complaint is that we can no longer find the coca cola flavoured syrup anymore.
Soda Stream
It's so good being able to make your own sodas at home. Usually just have soda water and makes it so easy to just fizz some up when you want it.
Stylish soda stream
I have always been a loyal customer of soda stream. I have owned many machines over the years but this one is so stylish and simple. Awesome for quick treats for the kids and to add a bit of luxury to normal drinking water. Downside is definitely the refilling of the gas, other then that I would highly recommend this product
I love this product! Easy enough to use and wouln't want to go without it. I just find the canisters run out quick and it can get pricey, but if you like your carbonated drinks, it's well worth it.

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