Axe Body Spray Dark Temptation

5 5 0 46 46 AXE Dark Temptation harnesses the rich, sweet scent of chocolate to leave you feeling deliciously confident all day. Explore the Dark Temptation fragrance right here.
Axe Body Spray Dark Temptation


Smells freaking good
I really like this axe product. It lives up to its name because it is really tempting to hug and smell the perfume to anyone who wears it. Though I don't hug strangers! Haha. I buy this as a gift to my friends and they always love to receive it! One of my recommended perfumes out there!
Smells really good
I am a woman who loves smelling men's perfume so I buy this for myself. I feel confident wearing this body spray it keeps me fresh the whole day and I like how the spray makes it easily covers my body with just a few pumps.
My husband used this as 2 in 1. Deodorant + perfume = AXE. you don't need to buy cologne o perfume tipid sa bulsa at swak sa budget. Sometimes I used this also because it smells so good. LOVE it.
Ang bango neto grabe gustong gusto ng asawako neto
Good purchase
Ang bango nito sobra hindi basta basta natatanggal yung amoy sa damit and it smells really good!
Axe Body Spray
I have been buying Axe Body Spray for years now. Whenever I use this product, I feel confident to go outside without worrying about a foul odor. Also, my friends use this product. And we loved it :)
Husband's favorite perfume
This is my husband's favorite spray and I also love this because this is not too strong in my nose. I am little sensitive about strong scent. But this? I love this!!! And also i love hugging my husband whenever he uses this.
my husband really like this . He nevers go out witout this
Grabe!! sobrang bango ng amoy kahit ilang oras na parang fresh na fresh ka parin!!
mabango at affordable
Eto gamit ng husband ko hiyang sya dito kahit d na mag perfume maganda kc amoy nia
Axe Body Temptation
Super bango at naiiwan ang amoy, it's like a perfume
Manbango ang anak ko
Both my sons use thisnparticular variant of Axe. They loved this the moment they first tried it. They haven't changed ever since . It's been 6 years now.
Yummy scent
My husband bought this and he smell yummy!!! Sobrang bango!! Bangong hindi nakakasawa and long lasting pa. He used it everyday whenever he goes to work and pak! Pag uwe amoy yummy pa din!
I'm in love with the chocolate-sweet scent! Superb and long-lasting!
I bought one for my boyfriend but ended up buying another for myself and my son too. It has the perfect chocolate-sweet fragrance which could melt anyone. Indeed amazing good smelling. My boyfriend and I simply adore this product! Long-lasting protection. I would buy this again and again!
Ito lang ang gamit ng asawa ko simula nung nilabas ito , nagpabili sya agad at nagustuhan nya kaya ito ang lagi nyang pinabibili sa akin . Msarap ang amoy nito at long lasting ang scent nya . Super favorite ng hubby ko ito . At syempre di nkakasawang yakapin si mister kpag ito ang naaamoy ko saknya .

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